Brady President Freaks Out Over Video Game Palworld

Daylight! Hangover! #facepalm

Over the last few weeks, while looking for “gun” news, I’ve been seeing a lot about a video game called Palworld. It’s been described as Pokémon with guns, which, frankly, was all that my eldest offspring needed to get interested.


But apparently, Brady president Kris Brown has a problem with it.

First, the game has sold 7 million copies at least. I’d say someone was asking for it.

Second, the game isn’t rated for seven-year-olds.

Furthermore, Brady says the game is rated “safe” for kids 7+. Has “President” Brown not watched the trailer? Or did he she let one of her interns write and publish a diatribe in her name on X?

“T” doesn’t mean safe for ages 7+. But again, don’t let reality and facts get in the way of Kris’ pearl clutching.

And the fact that the game features guns… and gasp…machine guns! Oh no! PalWorld isn’t exactly the first video game that has featured guns, real or imagined.

It’s really not, and a lot of those games are a lot closer to reality than “Pokémon with guns.”


And even if it were rated for ages seven and up, so what? It’s not like those kids can see a gun in the game, walk into a gun store, and buy it.

Remember, this is the same Kris Brown who tried to celebrate a Star Wars series that intended to favor light sabers over blasters, all because “guns are bad” while ignoring how a light saber was used to slaughter scores of innocent kids in the franchise.

She tried to do the same thing with Barbie.

In other words, Brown likes to focus heavily on children’s properties with her anti-gun message, but ignores the fact that the people who end up going down that road aren’t exactly lining up to see Barbie.

Once, Brady was the big gun–pun fully intended–in the gun control movement. They were effectively the anti-gun version of the NRA.

Whether they went downhill before or after Kris Brown took over, I can’t say and I don’t care to research. What I can say is that Brown picks the dumbest battles imaginable.

Again, Palworld doesn’t feature real guns so far as I’m aware. It doesn’t replicate real firearm usage. It doesn’t target the same market Brown claims it does. It also doesn’t change the fact that children can’t lawfully buy guns, even if they really want them.


Frankly, Brown sounds like those people who blame mass shootings on video games like Doom or Call of Duty. For her, though, it’s about removing all firearms from popular culture because if people don’t think they can own a gun, they won’t go out and buy one.

Or something.

Palworld won’t suddenly create mass shooters, violent criminals, or even an influx in lawful gun sales. It’s a video game. It’ll get played a bunch as gamers decide if they really like it or not and the worst that’ll be done by kids playing it is skipping homework or chores to play more.

Brown needs to get over this nonsense. She’s embarrassing herself.

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