Georgia Cops Find Guns, Ecstasy, Cocaine in House

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Proponents of gun control love to tell us that gun control works, and that it keeps firearms out of the hands of criminals. We also know that this argument will continue as we see proposals for more and more anti-gun measures.


There's never really a line that anti-gunners won't cross when it comes to restrictions and we all know it.

What they want is a world where firearms are so ridiculously restricted that, frankly, it'll no longer be anything resembling a right to keep and bear arms. Again, gun control advocates claim this will reduce guns in criminal hands.

Well, drugs are already as tightly controlled as they want guns. How has that worked out for us?

A DeKalb County man is now facing charges after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation found dozens of guns and a lot of drugs.

The GBI says they joined with DeKalb County police to execute two search warrants at homes on Ward Lake Way in Ellenwood and Misty Valley Road in Decatur.

During the searches, agents and officers found 135 pounds of marijuana, 405 grams of cocaine and two kilograms of ecstasy. They also found 45 guns in the homes.

Well...that doesn't look like recreational use, now does it?

I suppose it might be if you really believe in partying until you die, but other than that, it's not.

Regardless, none of those drugs are exactly unregulated. Marijuana isn't exactly approved for recreational use in Georgia and the other two are so tightly controlled they make NFA items look like you can buy them from the curb store by comparison.

So my question is if drug laws can't keep drugs out of the hands of people who really want them, how in the hell are gun control laws supposed to stop guns from ending up in those same hands?

We're supposed to buy into the argument that it will. In fact, the media pretends that we already have and just won't admit it.


Yet it's clear from what we see here that nothing could be further from the truth.

Gun control only inhibits the law-abiding. Those who are inclined to follow the law as a general thing will likely go along with new anti-gun regulations. Those who aren't inclined simply won't.

But here's the rub: Because this is a right we're talking about here, if you push it too far, you'll create more criminals than you already have.  There's only so far people are willing to go when it comes to their rights.

This guy had 45 firearms despite being a convicted felon. The laws against having guns after such a conviction didn't stop him. Neither did the laws about guns while messing around with drugs. It's almost like he ignored those laws just like he did the laws against having cocaine, pot, and ecstasy.

What will it take to show some people that gun control isn't the answer, that those who are inclined to break laws won't blink at breaking one more?

Meanwhile, the gun control crowd would force us to be beholden to people like this, people who ignore all the rules we follow because we don't want to go to prison.

Is it any wonder that so many gun owners are willing to become outlaws versus bending the knee to such restrictions?

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