Harris Lashes Out at Legislatures for Not Passing Gun Control

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

It was inevitable.

Whenever we have any incident in this country, our supposed leaders immediately jump to the conclusion that a certain bit of gun control would have solved all of it. President Joe Biden has repeatedly called for assault weapon bans after shootings, for example, only for us to learn that the killer used a handgun.


But Vice President Kamala Harris isn't a lot better. She, too, jumps on the bodies of the slain and uses them as a soapbox.

In fact, we should just block out a particular time to publish their calls for restricting your rights because of what other people did, but until then, we've got this post here and now.

President Biden and Vice President Harris called on Congress to pass stronger gun control measures in separate comments Wednesday night hours after a deadly shooting following the Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City, Missouri.


Before departing for Munich, Germany, Harris told reporters on the tarmac that Wednesday was supposed to be a celebratory day in Kansas City, but it became "another day where American has experienced senseless gun violence."

"The reality of it is a lot of this can be prevented if members of legislatures, including the United States Congress, just had the courage to act on reasonable gun safety laws," Harris said. "And I think it's incredibly important for everyone to understand that it doesn't have to be this way. It doesn't have to be this way."

The vice president also offered her prayers for the families of the victims and the community before boarding Air Force 2.


I'm not getting into Biden's comments because Cam has already hit on those and there's no reason to repeat ourselves.

But Harris gives us plenty to work with as it is.

I find it incredibly stupid to say that all we need are "reasonable gun safety laws" when we know so little about exactly what happened. Yes, we know that someone is dead and 22 others are currently listed as injured from gunshot wounds, as of this writing, but right now, we don't even know what kind of firearm was used, who the killer is, or anything else.

We have some inkling it was a "high-caliber rifle," though that's unconfirmed. 

Moreover, we need to remember that we've seen plenty of other horrific attacks take place in countries that have extensive gun control laws, measures that wouldn't remotely qualify as "reasonable gun safety laws." Gun control doesn't insure deranged people aren't able to kill.

Hell, let's remember the Nice truck attack back in 2016. That attack claimed 86 innocent lives and injured hundreds more. It was a bloodier attack than even the Las Vegas shooting a year later.


So no, gun control wouldn't necessarily have done anything and just repeating, "It doesn't have to be this way," doesn't change anything.

Violent people do violent things, and until we can understand what drives people to commit atrocities like this, we're never going to get a handle on just why these things happen.

Because for once, Harris is right. It doesn't have to be this way.

The problem is that "this way" is the result of people like her thinking the only solution is to trample on our rights rather than try to look for deeper issues that lead to such things.

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