Americans Not Buying Gun Control. Instead, They're Buying Guns.

AP Photo/Marco Garcia, File

President Joe Biden is still pushing gun control onto the American people. He's absolutely convinced the public wants restrictions on our right to keep and bear arms. At least, he's convinced of that when he can remember what a gun actually is.


Regardless, the president has been pushing it since he started campaigning in 2019, so it's no surprise that it's been a point of consistency.

What is surprising is that despite all the studies and polls that try to tell us that the public wants restrictions, they truth is that they're buying guns like crazy.

The nation’s gun-buying binge remained robust last month amid the Biden administration’s latest plans to cut sales and intimidate customers.

The FBI said it conducted 2,336,390 checks through its National Instant Criminal Background Check System. The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the industry trade group, said that included an estimated 1,343,478 specifically for gun sales.

February was the 55th consecutive month that gun sales approved by the FBI exceeded 1 million. NSSF said the number was likely higher since the FBI count does not include all other legal pathways to obtaining a firearm.

The NSSF's Mark Oliva said this was likely a reaction to Biden's efforts to tighten gun control, which isn't overly surprising.

During the Obama administration, the president was the gun salesman of the year for eight straight years. Biden has been no different.


I've long maintained that a lot of people want guns but because these aren't inexpensive items nor higher ticket goods the whole family will enjoy day in, day out, firearm purchases get put on the back burner. Folks figure there's always time to get them.

But when someone like Biden comes along and starts to rattle the saber about restricting things, "there's always time" becomes "I'd better do something while I can."

And let's face it, guns are like Lays potato chips. Betcha can't buy just one.

Once the seal is broken, the buying continues.

So really, this is all on Biden. The firearm industry thanks him for their service.

Remember the "Trump Slump" from a few years ago, where gun makers built up massive stocks of firearms in expectation that Hillary would win, only to see being sort of slow down when Trump won?

Yeah, I'd say those days are over entirely.

Here's the depressing part, though. At least some of those who are buying guns for the first time currently support gun control initiatives.

That's right. They're not gun voters.

Not yet, at least.

As we saw during the pandemic, a lot of people were surprised to find out that guns aren't as easily acquired as they've been told. There's no "gun show loophole" and there's no buying a gun on the internet and skipping a background check.


What's more, as gun owners are demonized, there will be pushback from those who previously supported at least some gun control measures who know the stereotypes don't apply to them. They're going to get bent out of shape over being told they have a gun because they're overcompensating for small genitals--a common refrain that, frankly, deserves it's own post addressing at some point or another.

The more that happens, the more those folks get pushed toward becoming gun voters and they start to recognize the issues with red flag laws and universal background checks.

So please, let's hope this continues for a good long time.

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