CA Man Arrested on Gun Charges After Getting Out of Jail on Gun, Drug Charges

AP Photo/Seth Perlman, File

California has the "best" gun control laws in the nation, or so we're told by gun control advocates. In fact, they argue that if we'd all pass such laws, our nation would be a glorious paradise.


Unfortunately, that's kind of hard to swallow when you see how many criminals are still getting guns in the state while the law-abiding folks are getting screwed over.

I mean, someone who wants to get a gun lawfully has to jump through nine kinds of hoops just to get a firearm, and if they want a handgun, they're limited to those who basically paid California for the privilege of being on the list of approved guns, meanwhile folks like this are running around the state.

Santa Rosa police said 37-year-old Cameron Glover was arrested for the original offenses on Feb. 16. The court ordered Glover to submit to warrantless search and seizure upon his release from jail.

The follow-up investigation determined Glover had two storage units rented to him on the 4400 block of Sonoma Highway in Santa Rosa. Detectives searched his storage units pursuant to the court order and found several firearms and body armor inside one of the units, police said.

Detectives said they found two AR-15-style rifles, two hunting rifles, a 12-gauge shotgun, five semiautomatic handguns, firearms parts, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Glover is prohibited from possessing guns and ammunition, according to police.

So despite being a prohibited person, he amassed at least 10 firearms and parts, as well as ammunition in a state that has background checks for that, and this was just in this location. He'd already been arrested on gun and drug charges previously, though we don't know exactly how many guns he'd had then.

And you're going to tell me gun control actually works to keep criminals from getting guns without infringing on people's rights?


Ordinary, law-abiding Californians can't lawfully have the same kind of AR-style rifle I can here in Georgia and have to be subjected to a limited number of handgun options, but that's not an infringement, while a prohibited individual got whatever the hell he wanted to get.

That's literally how this plays out everywhere gun control exists. The only thing "controlled" are the ordinary citizens who don't represent a threat to anyone.

Meanwhile, the criminals know the chances of running into armed opposition is practically nil.

Who benefits from that? It's not the ordinary citizens, that's for sure.

And yet, people keep thinking that if they keep pursuing a failed policy, somehow they'll get the right mix of laws to make everything better, all while criminals keep breaking those laws.

Which would be fine were the laws not inhibiting people from exercising their right to keep and bear arms.

California, unfortunately, doesn't seem willing to learn that lesson. Neither are any of the other anti-gun states. They'll keep doubling down on this, repeating the same mistakes over and over, then figure the problem was that they didn't double down enough.

What do we call doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? Insanity, which is all that this is.

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