New York Man Busted With 15 Illegal Guns? UNPOSSIBLE

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New York state has some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation. They're running neck-and-neck with California for the title, and that's something I didn't think anyone would be able to manage.


I'd say good for them, but it's really not something anyone should be proud of. It's like being the coolest kid at the geek's lunchroom table.

In fact, those gun control laws are working great, right? I mean, besides that whole thing about felony assaults on the subway being sky high and needing the National Guard on platforms to try and combat it.

Other than that, they're working great, right?

They're working great, right?

Oh, well, about that...

A Dutchess County man is facing charges for allegedly possessing 15 illegal guns in Gallatin.

The guns were seized from a home on Sigler Road. This included two semiautomatic-style rifles with no serial numbers. Police also seized other items that led them to think David Passeri, 60, was involved in manufacturing weapons, Chief Assistant District Attorney Cheryl Botts said.

Passeri also had numerous magazines, boxes of ammunition and tools to manufacture weapons, investigators said.

Now, this can't be possible.

After all, we've been assured that New York's gun control laws work. If that's so, then there's no way this guy could possibly have had 15 illegal firearms, including two so-called ghost guns--a category of firearms expressly banned in the state--nor the magazines and tools to make more.


Why, it's almost like gun control laws didn't do a damn thing, you know?

That simply can't be, though, because gun control advocates who push for these laws keep telling us that all the evidence proves they work, even though the progressive think tank RAND hasn't been able to back that up despite their own annual exhaustive look at the literature.

But why would they lie? It's not like they know people won't donate money to back an agenda that's proven not to work or anything.

So here we are with a situation that simply cannot have happened, and yet this isn't The Onion or the Babylon Bee telling us that this guy was arrested on these crimes. No, this is a legitimate news organization, which means it happened.

Only, it can't, right?

Could anti-gunners have been making it up all along? Could it be that gun control accomplishes nothing at all except to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals and to give criminals an opportunity to reap financial benefits from breaking these particular laws?

I can't buy that. Criminals are usually so law-abiding. They wouldn't break the law or anything. No, this has to be a mistake. The reporter must have completely misunderstood literally everything because there's no way that New York's gun control laws manage to fail yet again.


Next, you're going to tell me that California's gun control laws don't work either.

San Jose police along with other law enforcement agencies earlier this month arrested six men suspected of a gang-motivated assault on a man in October, resulting in the recovery of several illegal weapons, drugs and tens of thousands in cash, according to the police department.


During the home searches, police said they seized the following: an assault rifle; 15 handguns, including one stolen, three privately made and 11 unregistered; a 3-D printer; firearm parts and ghost gun precursor parts; more than $80,000 in cash; 13.5 kilos of MDMA; 6 kilos of methamphetamine; 2 kilos of cocaine; and 2 kilos of heroin.

Well, crap.

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