NSSF Exposes Everytown's 'Gun Safety' Lie

AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File

We typically just call them Everytown.

The full name is Everytown for Gun Safety. The name sounds like they're a group that is just looking to address dangers involving firearms. In theory, that would make them natural allies to people like you or me as none of us want unsafe gun practices.

That name, however, is a misnomer. They throw the "gun safety" in because they use it as a euphemism. What they mean is gun control, but gun control didn't poll well with the American people, so they went with something no right-thinking person could actually oppose.

And it's true. No one opposes gun safety as a concept.

But as NSSF president and CEO John Bertozzi notes in a piece at our sister site Townhall, what Everytown is doing is lying to the American people. He starts by noting how Everytown and the Biden administration keep attacking the PLCAA, a law passed with bipartisan support that prevents frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers for what other people do with the guns they make.

It should be noted that Everytown is seeking to dismantle legitimate protection against baseless litigation that other industries enjoy as well. Everytown’s tactics constitute what former Clinton administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reich aptly termed "regulation through litigation" to circumvent legislation and impose gun control through court-ordered settlements.

Everytown’s advocacy activities, bankrolled by wealthy special interests, are masked in the veneer of “public safety,” yet the organization’s agenda is singular in its focus of restricting the Second Amendment. They overlook the overwhelming number of law-abiding citizens from all backgrounds who choose to exercise their right to own firearms for reasons that include self-protection, sport shooting, and hunting. 

In contrast, the firearms industry, via the NSSF – The Firearm Industry Trade Association, is actively engaged in genuine efforts to promote firearm safety and responsibility through long-running programs like Real Solutions. Safer Communities®. This umbrella of programs includes various initiatives that balance the necessary comprehensive approach to firearm safety with the need to uphold Americans' Second Amendment rights.

In other words, the firearm industry is knee-deep in trying to keep guns out of the wrong hands. That runs contrary to what Everytown and groups like them repeatedly claim. Bertozzi has a litany of other examples of programs NSSF is engaged in to prevent things like straw purchases, unsecured guns in the home, increased security for gun stores, and a number of other things.

All of these are focused on keeping guns out of the wrong hands. 

Other programs seek to address things like suicide, the leading cause of so-called gun deaths.

What does Everytown do?

Well, I do know of one instance where they handed out gun laws. That's good, right? Not really. They used locks from NSSF's Project Childsafe and just slapped their own cards on them.

See, they supposedly have actual gun safety initiatives, but there's no indication they really spend anything on them. Instead, they fundraise off of stripping our gun rights from us and spend aggressively to make that happen.

Gun safety is in their name, but they do as little as possible to push an actual gun safety agenda.

Then again, this is a gun control group. There's not a single anti-gun organization that doesn't hinge on the lie that they don't want to take away our gun rights.

Yet not a one can point to any gun law short of complete disarmament of the civilian population that they'd oppose. Our gun rights are gone long before we get to that point, of course, but that doesn't matter in their world.

No, Bertozzi doesn't get into that particular point, but it bears repeating just the same.

I have no doubt that most rank-and-file members of Everytown will tell you they're making the world a better place. Yet if they can't see the lies for what they are, then they're probably too stupid to impact the world anyway.