Gun Technology Renders Gun Control More Useless Than Before

Jay Janner/Austin American-Statesman via AP, File

Gun control, as pushed by advocates, is the idea that you can keep certain people from getting firearms. Who those "certain people" are might be a point of discussion, but that's the gist of it. Even the most gun-controlled nations on the planet have some people who have guns. It's just not the hoi polloi. 


While gun control was never going to keep guns out of all the hands proponents claimed it would, it could have potentially made it much harder for people to get a firearm. They'd have to get creative and not everyone is P.A. Luty.

Over at The Truth About Guns, Jennifer Sensiba writes about a report out of Memphis dealing with full-auto switches, but in the process of dismantling that report--seriously, you should read that--she touches on something we don't talk enough about.

Technology is outpacing every gun control effort imaginable.

A recent news report out of Tennessee shows us that not only is media continuing to be hysterical about guns, but also that gun control continues to fail as technology outpaces the core idea behind it.


The other thing they’re not considering is that technology has outpaced the ability for laws to cope. But, instead of seeing the futility of gun control, they’re quick to gun control harder. When these devices can be made at home using online instructions and a 3D printer, there’s no real way to stop criminals from getting ahold of them.

Instead of agitating and dishonestly pushing for more gun control, the media and politicians should instead be putting that energy into alternative approaches to fighting crime. Addressing the root causes of gang violence would be far more effective than slapping the band-aid of harsher gun control laws on this.


She's absolutely right.

Back in 2018, I wrote about why gun control was dead. The 3D printer made it so anyone can build a firearm from the ground up in their living room. Sure, it may not be an ideal pistol, but 3D printer designs have come a long way from the Liberator that Defense Distributed's Cody Wilson first showed off all those years ago.

The same is true of full-auto switches. They're already illegal, yet they're regularly imported and can be printed on that same 3D printer.

Some have looked at restricting the printers themselves, but since you can build one of those on your own, that's kind of a lost cause. Plus, frankly, they have so many uses beyond firearms that you're likely to have an issue trying to do any such thing.

Whether your average anti-gunner likes it or not, the world has moved beyond them. Any hope of gun control having ever worked, feeble as it was to start with, is now long gone.

The problem is that a lot of creatures are more dangerous when they're dying. The death throws of a creature in its final breaths has claimed many a life over the eons, and if gun control is dying because it can't keep up with technology, we'd do well to be careful and not pretend it's no longer a threat.


Because believe me, it still is.

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