Game Of Thrones Star Left US for UK Over Guns

Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Most of the cast of Game of Thrones was British. That includes Sansa Stark actress Sophie Turner.

Yet Turner has apparently lived in the United States for some time. I didn't know. I didn't really care, either. 


Nor did I really care that she got divorced from one of the Jonas Brothers. Where I started to care, though, was that in the battle that followed divorce filings, she started to make some claims about why she had relocated to the United States, at least according to Buzzfeed.

But, even more importantly, Sophie became increasingly concerned about raising her daughters in America’s political landscape, with gun control and women’s rights being the two biggest issues.

“I couldn’t fathom being a mother of one of those children knowing that this was something your country could fix, that they’d rather have rights to guns than give kids a right to life,” Sophie said of the tragedy.

So Turner favors abortion--which results in terminating a baby before it has a chance to live--but looks down on us Americans because we'd supposedly rather have "rights to guns than give kids a right to life" and she sees no potential contradiction there?

I'm not going to get into the abortion debate here because that's not what we do, but I find it interesting that someone who thinks a child's right to life is so absolutely vital that we should do away with basic, constitutionally protected civil liberties would also be in favor of terminating a fetus before it has a chance to live. It just seems a tad hypocritical.


Of course, people like Turner routinely look down on folks who value our gun rights. It's easy to disassociate yourself from the need to protect your family when you can hire private security.

But I'll say that I'm glad Turner left the US. If she doesn't like the way we set up things here, she's welcome to hightail it home. I hate it for ex-husband Joe as he has to deal with international borders for visitation--at least part of the reason for animosity in the divorce proceedings, apparently--but I'm glad she went back to a nation whose gun laws are more in line with her own.

At least she didn't become an American citizen and start trying to change the laws here.

But as regular Bearing Arms readers know, the UK isn't exactly without gun violence. A woman in London was shot earlier this week in the crossfire as people in two vehicles drove down the street shooting at one another. They've had mass shootings, violent crime, and a host of other issues.

The difference is that here, people can defend themselves.

So Turner can take her happy butt right back across the pond where absolutely no one will think of suggesting she get a gun.

Not a single American will lose a moment of sleep about her opinions of our nation, either.

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