Georgia Dems Come Out in Support of Gun Control

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

With Tuesday seeing voting all over the nation, a lot of interesting things happened. Of course, we talked about the results out of Portland already.

Here in my home state of Georgia, we had elections as well. Included in that voting were questions. These are typically questions political parties are asking partisan voters. They don't carry any weight politically, they're just glorified polls in many ways. They just have the feeling of more legitimacy because it's actual voters versus "likely voters" or some other self-identified group.


For Democrats, one such question was about gun control.

 While the re-election of a state Supreme Court justice and the Fulton County district attorney prosecuting former President Donald Trump topped Tuesday's primary election headlines, voters weighed in on party questions that may guide lawmakers' efforts in upcoming legislative sessions.


On the Democratic side, more than 91% of voters said the state should ban assault weapons and large-capacity magazines as part of gun safety reforms.

Of course, that's just among Democrats.

According to Pew Research, 41 percent of Georgia's population identifies as Democrat or claims to lean Democrat, with an identical percentage leaning Republican. There's an 18 percent group that claims neither that sits in the middle.

So for 91 percent of Democrat voters to favor magazine limits and a ban on so-called assault weapons is a scary sign for gun rights in the state.

However, it should be noted that the turnout was pretty light. While it's true that elections show the will of the people who turn up, the reality is that if something like gun control were on the ballot, a lot of other people would turn up that didn't bother on Tuesday.

Those would also likely be gun rights supporters, because we already know the general apathy of your average voter for gun control. Suppose there's a particularly contentious issue on the ballot or there's a presidential race. In that case, you might see more folks turn out and vote for such a measure, but otherwise, the only people who will be motivated to turn out on the day of voting will be gun rights supporters.


But if we assume this is a representative sample of what Georgia Democrats favor, then there's a huge freaking problem here in the Peach State.

There's no way that so many people should support anti-gun measures that have absolutely no impact on crime whatsoever. We know that most criminals don't use so-called assault weapons. We also know that magazine limits rarely work on bad guys.

This is purely about controlling private, law-abiding citizens exercising their right to keep and bear arms.

The truth is that folks here need to step up our game in challenging gun control and to do so in a way that makes it very clear that this is the wrong side of things, that gun control is an effort to control the populace and make them more beholden to the state. Remembering that and remembering that sometimes, the state is made up of people who you think are evil, it might well change a few minds.

Not many, but hopefully enough.

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