No, Hunter Isn't Being Prosecuted Unfairly

AP Photo/Matt Slocum

From the moment Hunter Biden was indicted on gun charges, the progressive media went into overdrive. They didn't argue that the law didn't exist or even that Hunter didn't break it. That was too incredulous, even for them.


Instead, they tried to make the case that almost no one was prosecuted for this particular crime, so the prosecution of Hunter was unfair.

Is it, though?

For this case to hold water, it should be difficult to find other examples of people being prosecuted for the same crime. The thing is, it's not that hard to find other examples. A prime one is a Virginia mother who was prosecuted for the exact same crime, though was less sympathetic a defendant because of how this was learned.

Yet the facts are that it was the same crime where Hunter's allies tried to claim few were prosecuted.

Over at the Washington Times, they found more examples.

When Cory Allen More’s vehicle ran out of gas last year, a police officer stopped to help and spotted two bags of marijuana and a handgun.

More pleaded guilty in federal court in Iowa this week to being a drug user in possession of a firearm — the same kind of charge Hunter Biden went on trial for this week in a federal court in Delaware.

Mr. Biden says he’s being singled out for prosecution, and suggests nobody else in his situation would face charges.

More, 33, admitted in court documents that he had previous arrests for possession of drugs, had been a methamphetamine user and now only used marijuana. He also admitted to owning several guns.

In another case this week in Iowa, Brittany Graham, 36, pleaded guilty to being a marijuana user and owning four guns.

Both More and Graham face up to 15 years in prison for their convictions.

Now, these are just two examples from Iowa alone. Two in a single, relatively low-population state. No doubt there are many more throughout the nation.


See, this whole argument being presented in Hunter's defense is to try and gin up outrage, that this is some kind of political hitjob rather than a legitimate prosecution.

Personally, I want to see the law in question repealed. It's a gun control law that doesn't fit within the history, text, and tradition of the Second Amendment. I don't support it and want to see it relegated to the dustbin of history.

But it is the law as it currently stands and Hunter Biden appears to have broken that law. Further, his father is an anti-gun jihadist sitting in the Oval Office, issuing dictates that impact our ability to keep and bear arms lawfully, all while ignoring the person in his own household who broke a relatively long-standing gun law.

And again, plenty of other people have been prosecuted for this exact same charge over and over again.

So while there might be some political motivation, there's another important point that needs to be considered. To illustrate this point, I'm going to quote someone else.

If no one is above the law, then Hunter Biden isn't either and deserves prosecution for his alleged crimes. Especially if other, less-connected people are going to be prosecuted.

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