Gawker creates fake history of world's most popular centerfire pistol cartridge in a shockingly inept political attack

I’m not here to attempt to claim that the decision to name the GOP’s new digital division Para Bellum Labs was brilliant, and frankly, it would make a better title for our “Guns & Gear” section.

What I can tell you is that the knee-jerk leftist reaction to it by Gawker’s Adam Weinstein was moronic, as he attempted to claim “Para Bellum” was the creation of Nazism in an article titled The GOP Just Named its Hot New Innovation Lab After a Nazi Pistol.



I took to Twitter to set Weinstein straight:


Dale Franks piled on.


Predictably, Weinstein and Gawker refused to engage with either one of us on the subject, though Weinstein saw the thread and responded to others discussing the subject.

I guess it’s easier for Gawker writers to make up an entirely new reality that report this one correctly.