"Without that training, without that ability, the end result could have been very different."

Lisa Atkin is one very cool customer:

Lisa Atkin said it was a long 23 minutes after she stopped an intruder at gunpoint after he broke into her home Wednesday morning. Now she’s spreading the message about how firearm training helped her stop a burglary.

Normally Atkin wouldn’t be home on a Wednesday morning. “I’m home sick from work today and I was resting in bed,” said Atkin.

Around 9:00 a.m. her three labs started making a commotion. ”My thought was they were fooling around being the puppy Labradors that they are. But as it got louder obviously that wasn’t the case,” said Atkin.

So she got up to figure out what was going on. “As the noise came more in the house I decided I needed to get my handgun from my nightstand and proceed cautiously through the house,” said Atkin.

That’s when she found Joseph Baker inside her home. “So that’s when I took the gun from its holster and commanded the person to stay still and get down on the floor and asked him what he was doing in my home,” said Atkin.

Baker ignored “no trespassing” signs and several dogs, and broke through two doors to get into the home.


Baker wasn’t counting on anyone being home…and he certainly wasn’t expecting Lisa Atkin’s training and her Kahr pistol.


Like many Americans, Atkin lives in a rural area, and it was 23 minutes before law enforcement was able to arrive. Luckily, she was a graduate of courses at the Oregon Firearms Academy, and knew how to handle her weapon in a very long, high-stress situation. As she noted in the headline, “Without that training, without that ability, the end result could have been very different.”

Indeed. If citizen control cultists had their way, Atkin might not be around at all.