Montana Burglar Steals Chainsaws, Earns Free Bullet

Generally speaking, breaking into someone’s home and then threatening them leads to a negative response. A Montana burglar with a long criminal history tested this theory, with predictable results:

Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman has released the name of the man killed Monday morning during an apparent burglary of a private Victor area residence.

Hoffman said that 39-year-old Tobias Ian Bishop, of Missoula, who had a long criminal history, was shot by the homeowner after entering the residence through a window that he had broken.

Hoffman reported that the investigation to date shows that Bishop had apparently burglarized at least one other home in the vicinity prior to being shot, and that he had already gathered several chainsaws and other items near his van from outside of the second residence.

As Bishop broke a window and entered the house, the homeowner encountered Bishop inside his home. Bishop’s actions then threatened the homeowner, placing him in fear of his life, resulting in the homeowner discharging his handgun at Bishop.

After being shot, Bishop exited the home through the same broken window, and fled a short distance into the yard, where he collapsed.

Hoffman said that records from Arizona, Idaho and Montana reveal that Bishop had a long history of illegal activity, including burglary, assault and drug-related arrests, was currently wanted on an arrest warrants in Arizona and Flathead County for theft and forgery, and had prior law enforcement alerts for violent tendencies and drug abuse.