INTERESTING: ARES Defense Sporting Configurable Rifle (SCR)

ARES Defense is going to be debuting a new rifle prototype at the NRA meeting in Indianapolis in a few weeks (I’ll be sure to take pictures while I’m there), but they’ve already posted some images of the rifle, and one of their distributors did a short video featuring the SCR.


The most striking thing about the rifle is that though it appears to be AR-15-“ish”, the lower receiver is clearly not an AR-15 lower, and there is no buffer tube.

ares scr right

Frankly, I’d prefer a mid-length system and handguards, but in any event, it could make an interesting carbine for someone that doesn’t want (or can’t have) a conventional AR-15.

I’m not so sure that it is coming in at the right time, though: the market has gone soft for modern sporting rifles.

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