Military Arms Channel: Remington R51 Review

This is one of MAC’s longer reviews, but I think it is very worthwhile as it catalogs a number of issues with the Remington R51 pistol. The issues he has encountered are consistent with a number reviews by different people, including our Remington R51: First Impressions which we posted just last week.

While no one outside the company can know for sure, the R51 feels like a gun that was rushed to market by the sales/marketing/accounting side of the company before engineering/production/quality assurance had a chance to perfect the design and processes needed to ensure a reliable pistol.

mac r51

I like the lines, accuracy, and the ergonomics of the R51, but as MAC indicates, it simply isn’t reliable enough in this current iteration for a modern defensive handgun. If the company goes back to the drawing board and dedicates themselves to addressing the shortcomings of the design—MAC suggests dropping the Pederson action for a more conventional Browning design, and I’d suggest at least a stronger recoil spring—it might prove to be a very decent defensive handgun.

It simply isn’t ready to be on the market at this time.