David Hogg Learns A Valuable Lesson About Brand Management

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

When we last checked in with March For Our Lives co-founder David Hogg, the anti-gun advocate was raising eyebrows and receiving criticism from some of his fellow gun control activists over his new socially-conscious pillow company that he was starting in order to challenge the market dominance of Mike Lindell’s MyPillow. Not long after his MFOL compatriot Cameron Kasky took Hogg to task for his “pillow grift” Hogg announced he was stepping away from March For Our Lives to focus on his new company, but as it turns out Hogg forgot to do one very important task.


Hogg and his business partner William LeGate publicly decided on GoodPillow as the name of their company back on February 10th, but while they informed their Twitter followers of the new name, they neglected to say anything to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. From Newsbusters:

A subsequent search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database reveals that on February 11, a day after the heads up provided by Newsweek, that “Good Pillow” was indeed registered by a Mr. Robert Holland of North Carolina. Congratulations, Bob! You might be the only person who ends up making money from “Good Pillow.”


I don’t think I’ve ever interacted with LeGate on Twitter, but apparently he blocked me at some point. Thankfully, I can still report that on Monday he was promising his followers “lots of exciting pillow updates” very soon. I wonder what’s in store? Maybe a name change?

Hogg, meanwhile, hasn’t tweeted anything since February 10th, when he announced he was taking a break to “focus on school,” along with his passions and his “overall well-being.” Not even the passage of two gun control bills in the House stirred him to return to social media, which is surprising. I would have figured that he would have used that as an opportunity to mock the NRA with thoughts and prayers or something along those lines, but nope. Still nothing but social media silence from young Mr. Hogg.


I can only guess that Hogg has been putting pen to paper non-stop for the past month, desperately trying to come up wth a name that’s as snappy as GoodPillow. While I completely disagree with Hogg’s views on the Second Amendment and gun ownership, I’m a big fan of the free market, and since the gun control activist and his erstwhile partner are going to need a new brand for his pillow company, I’ve come with a few suggestions of my own in case he and his buddy need any help.

  • PillowHog (the pillow for greedy sleepers)
  • SuperGoodPillow
  • ReallyGoodPillow
  • BetterThanAveragePillow
  • JustPillow
  • WokePillow

I really think the last name has a ring to it. You could even use the slogan “Stay woke, even when you’re sleeping.”

Guess I should probably register that with the Patent and Trademark Office, right?


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