Stop Investing in Firearms and Start Investing in Firearm Training

I love Raw Dog Tactical’s holsters. After seeing their ads on Facebook, I reached out and they sent me a few to test; one in black for a Ruger LCP9, one in hot pink for my Smith & Wesson M&P 9MM Shield and one in Tiffany blue for the Walther CCP. Great clip, comfortable backing, trigger protection, adjustable retention and cant, lifetime warranty, made in the USA and available in 12 really great colors. What’s not to like?


Over the weekend, I also happened to catch a call-to-action video they posted on their website as well as their Facebook page with a message to gun owners: stop investing in firearms and start investing in firearm training.

The video, from YouTuber Jarhead6, was posted with the following message:

Sometimes, we can become addicted to firearms and forget one of the most important aspects of owning a gun. That is knowing how to use it in a safe manner. Therefore, formal training and practice is extremely critical to our survival. We need to ensure we prioritize our money in order to meet this critical requirement.

Please join me in the comment section below. Thanks for watching and God Bless!

So what do you think: Do you agree with the message? Why or why not?

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