Second Amendment lauded in recent poll

David Duprey

A new poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates brings up some very interesting bits of data. It should come as no surprise that the poll found a 56.8% disapproval rating for sleepy Joe’s job performance. Not that we’re shocked by this proverbially does not meet expectations statistic. Joining Biden in the hot seat, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a 59.4% disapproval rate.


Partisan politics aside, the majority of respondents are “less likely” to vote for “a candidate for U.S. Congress who supports Joe Biden’s position to ban the sale of 9-millimeter handguns and semi-automatic rifles” at a rate of 43.1% over 41.4% that said they would. Then there’s an overwhelming show of support for the Second Amendment in light of current events.

The question presented was:

“When you see what is going on with Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Military invasion of the Ukraine, it is more important than ever for Americans to defend their 2nd Amendment Constitutional freedoms for law abiding citizens to continue to have the right to own guns for their personal protection.”

And what did the survey say?

AGREE 66.1 

Strongly 44.6 

Somewhat 21.5 



Somewhat 11.7 

Strongly 13.9 

Cam will have more on this later today when the Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb joins him on Cam & Co, but this is a stunning show of support for the Second Amendment, and those mentioned above with below average approval ratings, sober up and take note. According to the Second Amendment Foundation, they agree with that estimation.

“This should send a message to the Biden administration that Americans by a large majority fully understand the Second Amendment is about defending liberty and not about duck or deer hunting,” said Alan Gottlieb, SAF founder and executive vice president. “The new McLaughlin data shows how out-of-touch Biden and his fellow Democrats are about the right to keep and bear arms.”

“Unfortunately,” veteran pollster Jim McLaughlin observed, “Americans are seeing first hand through Vladimir Putin’s brutal, military invasion of the Ukraine the importance of our cherished Second Amendment rights. The brave Ukrainian citizens have been able to thwart Putin’s military aggression by arming themselves against the Russian invaders. Americans clearly associate the importance of their Second Amendment rights with maintaining a safe, free and democratic nation.”


Unfortunately is right. No one wants to see the kind of military action that we’re currently seeing in Ukraine. The images of everyday citizens armed to protect what rubble is left of where they’re living is harrowing. Any progressive anti-freedom caucus member needs to take note of what’s going on. The images we’re seeing are not of just men being armed doing manly soldiering things, there are very young women pictured too that have decided to take up arms rather than become subjects. 

The SAF had more to say on how the Biden-Harris administration directly goes against what the current opinions are on the subject.

Biden came into office 14 months ago with an ambitious gun control agenda that dramatically stalled after the Senate debacle regarding his nomination of former ATF agent-turned-gun-control-advocate David Chipman to head the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

SAF commissioned the McLaughlin survey, which was conducted among 1,000 likely voters across the country March 17-22. McLaughlin’s survey also revealed more people oppose bans on semi-automatic rifles and 9mm pistols than support them.

“After what we’ve seen on the nightly news from Ukraine, Americans are more protective of their constitutional rights than ever,” Gottlieb said.


Looking at the demographics of who was polled, the makeup of respondents were primarily people from the suburbs that identify as middle class (82.8%). Racial demographics of those polled somewhat closely matched the makeup of the United States population. The highest number of people responding were early middle age, with 52% of total participants being female. Do we have some momma bears out there? Most of the participants were married.

The most shocking thing that we can probably draw from the responses to the poll is that 51.3% of the respondents said they voted for Biden-Harris versus 46.9% for Trump. That means a good portion of those that voted against their fundamental freedoms in the presidential election, at least at the time of the polling, did not agree with further support of anti-civil rights policies.

It seems the tides are changing quicker than anticipated as far as social change goes. While things seem to be getting pushed further and further to the progressive left, with people taking a knee to woke ideology, it does seem a good portion of people are becoming red pilled when it comes to our fundamental freedoms and the right to keep and bear arms. Let’s hope that the whopping 66.1% take their opinions to their lawmakers and then to the polling booth!


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