Operation Reticent Recall: ATF up to new shenanigans

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One of our favorite three letter agencies is at it again. A recent report by attorney Dillon Harris of the Prince Law Offices noted that the ATF has been sending out new nasty grams to alleged customers that may have purchased Forced Reset Triggers and or so-called solvent traps. It’s not exactly known at this time how the ATF procured customer information, but the agency that’s so fond of murdering dogs and sending out malicious Valentine’s Day greetings seems to have the firm Harris is a member of without the lack of clients.


Now, we have learned that ATF is sending Warning Notices (included below) to individuals who have purchased FRT’s on GunBroker from the user “rifleremedy2000,” but it’s not clear how ATF has acquired purchaser records or whether ATF itself is operating the account. It appears that ATF’s contact with these purchasers is part of “Operation Reticent Recall,” a name we learned from the top of an “Interview Questionnaire” that has been sent to some of our clients. Not sure if the agency as a whole would be happy about that, because it appears to be a quick guide for an agent’s questioning, but nonetheless, it seeks information regarding “solvent traps,” “solvent trap parts and accessories,“ and “Forced Reset Trigger[s],” with questions like:

How did you learn of/locate the seller?

What was your payment method?

How was the package labeled?

What was the intent/purpose behind purchasing the item(s)?

Was the “solvent trap” drilled out prior to receipt? If upon inspection the “solvent trap” is drilled out, ascertain by whom it was drilled and when.

Did the seller indicate that an approved ATF Form 1 (Application to Make and Register a Firearm) was required prior to purchasing/receiving the item or otherwise state that receipt/possession of the item(s) was governed by provisions of the National Firearms Act?

Are you aware of other persons (or have you referred other persons) who have purchased similar items from the seller (if so, please attempt to identify the additional parties)?


We’re truly living in the golden age of the breakdown of checks and balances. The ATF has and continues to try and make up their own laws when there are clearly defined statutes that define the very things they’re trying to regulate. Not happy with the law? Then petition Congress to have them change it. But these Gestapo type tactics need to be brought to a halt, and quickly.

I reached out to Harris to get a glimpse at a redacted version of the letters that his clients have been receiving and he shared it with me, as well as had it posted online. In typical ATF fashion, there’s mitigated language followed by their fire and brimstone, “You may be in violation of the law”, “ATF has information that you have acquired one or more Forced/Hard Reset Trigger”, and “Possession of these devices is a violation of law due to their illegal manufacture.”

This letter officially notifies you that the unlawful receipt and possession of any of these devices is a felony violation of Federal law and devices that are unlawfully received or possessed are subject to seizure and forfeiture by the Federal government. Continued possession of any of the devices could result in prosecution for criminal violations of Federal law as well as potential State criminal violations. Any future purchase or possession of such devices may subject you to prosecution as well.


What to do if you’ve received such a love letter in the mail from our most toxic secretive admirer? Harris has some advice that’s worth taking.

As it appears ATF is taking a more aggressive approach to solvent traps and FRTs, remember that you should not speak to ATF or any other law enforcement without an attorney, and you should NEVER consent to any searches [emphasis added].

If you or someone you know has been contacted by ATF or is seeking advice relating to Forced Reset Triggers and would like to speak with an attorney about your rights and obligations, contact us today!

This is not legal advice, but in my opinion the answer in these types of situations is always, always, always: 4, 5, and 6 (Amendments). I consent to no searches, I’m saying nothing, and get me my attorney. Or as attorney Evan Nappen says S.A.C. Silent, Attorney, [no] Consent. SAC up!

Many thanks to attorney Dillon Harris, as well to all the partners over at the Prince Law Offices, for bringing this very important information to everyone’s attention. While the rogue agency is likely to continue to push the boundaries of what the scope of their actual powers are, as well as execute these solvent-entrapment operations, they’re due for a solid spanking from a true and unbiased court. Unfortunately with only the midterms approaching, all we have to surf on are some prayers to lady Justice.


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