Twenty governors get in on abortion pact, but how about ‘gun rights?’

Twenty governors get in on abortion pact, but how about ‘gun rights?’
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A recent flurry of press releases announced that twenty governors across the U.S. have decided to align themselves and their administrations with pro-abortion policies. Since the Supreme Court made a decision that reversed Roe v. Wade, the pinkos have gone apoplectic on what they think that means. Regardless of what kind of jurisprudence was or was not in Roe, the pro-abortion leaders have been making waves since. Twenty states, eh? That’s quite a bunch, isn’t it? Yeah, but not as many states that are permitless carry. So let’s have a dive.


Looking at the list of states/participants, we have [parties added]:

California Governor Gavin Newsom [Democrat], Colorado Governor Jared Polis [Democrat], Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont [Democrat], Delaware Governor John Carney [Democrat], Hawai’i Governor Josh Green [Democrat], Illinois Governor JB Pritzker [Democrat], Maine Governor Janet Mills [Democrat], Maryland Governor Wes Moore [Democrat], Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey [Democrat], Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer [Democrat], Minnesota Governor Tim Walz [Democrat], New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy [Democrat], New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham [Democrat], New York Governor Kathy Hochul [Democrat], North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper [Democrat], Oregon Governor Tina Kotek [Democrat], Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro [Democrat], Rhode Island Governor Daniel McKee [Democrat], Washington Governor Jay Inslee [Democrat], and Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers [Democrat], announced the launch of a multi-state Reproductive Freedom Alliance (Alliance).

What’s the alliance of these states all about?

The Alliance is a non-partisan coalition of 20 Governors committed to protecting and expanding reproductive freedom in their states, the largest such coalition ever convened. The Alliance will work together to strengthen reproductive freedom in the face of an unprecedented assault on abortion access and other forms of reproductive health care by states hostile to abortion rights and judges who are advancing their ideological agenda. All Governors who support reproductive freedom are welcome to join the Alliance.

Major funding for the Alliance is provided by the California Wellness Foundation with additional support from the Rosenberg Foundation.


We’ll have to stop right there. The Alliance may purport themselves to be “non-partisan,” however we don’t see any non-Democrats on that list of participants. That’s right. This is partisan. Period.

As alluded to earlier, the relevance here is that this is 20 governors that are pro-abortion, abortionists if you will. That’s almost half the country. Almost. Their plea in a collective statement is worth a read:

“As governors representing nearly 170 million people across every region of the country, we are standing with all people who believe in reproductive freedom and health care. We are standing with them to say, ‘enough.’

Funny how the very same governors aren’t too quick to stand up and be supportive of the over 132 million law-abiding American gun owners. With an estimated over 400 million firearms in private hands, no one can say firearms aren’t popular, or part of “public sentiment.”

Some of the Boss Hog pinkos weighed in with their individual thoughts:

California Governor Gavin Newsom

“California has long been a leader in reproductive rights, but we can’t do it alone. We have gathered a coalition of bi-partisan governors to commit to reproductive freedom, and a coalition this size – 20 and counting – has never been done before. This Alliance is a moral obligation to what is right and will stand as a firewall to fight for and protect providers, patients, and all who are affected by these attacks on fundamental rights.”

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey

“In this moment when abortion access is under threat across the country, Governors have a unique responsibility and opportunity to expand reproductive freedom in our states. I’m proud to stand with my colleagues to send a clear message that we are not just playing defense, but moving ambitiously forward to improve access to abortion and reproductive health care.”

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy

“With the Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act that I signed last year, and related reforms and investments to make reproductive health care more affordable and accessible, New Jersey has continued to protect and expand a woman’s fundamental right to reproductive choice. Amidst a continual assault from a radical minority intent on ignoring facts, public sentiment, and decades of judicial precedent, we will work to expand and preserve reproductive freedom for women everywhere across our country and for the dedicated health care professionals who deliver this care.”


We could go on, but that’s sufficient.

Newsom is lying by saying this is a bi-partisan group. Unless somethings been overlooked, every governor on the list is a Democrat. He’s also got the audacity to talk about “fundamental rights,” which is laughable.

Healey is somehow trying to figure out how to make abortion more legal and or accessable in Massachusetts. Healey was an awful Attorney General in Massachusetts and she’s going to be an awful Governor too. Massachusetts is the most dangerous and violent state in all of New England.

Then there’s Governor Phil Murphy from New Jersey, complaining about a so-called “radical minority intent on ignoring facts, public sentiment, and decades of judicial precedent….”

While the former two governors were picked just for their absurdity, which need not have attention drawn to – they do that on their own – Murphy has a point that he needs to take notice of himself. Take a deep breath in through those jacked up teeth Murph and do some reflecting.

The country now has 25 permitless carry states. By all accounts, there will be more by the end of the year. Several states are pushing bills that will move right along. Florida next? Regardless, 25 states in the Union is enough to say there is “public sentiment.” This also places Murphy and his bootstrapping ilk in the minority, those who are trying to oppress everyone else.


Murphy and the progressive jackals that are anti-civil liberty do exactly to Second Amendment rights that they’re claiming the “radical minority” has done to abortion access. There are many fundamental differences between abortion access and a right that’s listed in the Constitution.

There have been two landmark Supreme Court cases on abortion, contradictory of another. There have been four Supreme Court Cases on the possession and ownership of arms, if we include Caetano, complementary of another. One of these rights was written into the Bill of Rights at the time of our founding, and explicitly says that right belongs to “the people,” and “shall not be infringed.”

None of this is weighing in on abortion or abortion access, at all. This is not a commentary on being pro-life or pro-choice. This is simply pointing out that there are 20 hypocritical governors that have created an alliance with private companies/entities to push their will on other people. Conceivably, there are severe constitutional issues with such groups potentially conspiring to in essence overthrow the governments of other states.

But here we are at Bearing Arms, talking about the Second Amendment, not a second class right according to the Supreme Court. A right that Governors; Murphy, Newsom, Healey, Hochul – in particular – need to start respecting. These are anti-civil liberty governors and they support policies that disproportionately affect communities of color and minorities. Two of these governors – with more to join them – have already passed laws that go against orders from the Supreme Court of the United States.


This is what you call grade “A” hypocrisy.

A note from one of the sponsors of this group of governors, aka “funding partner”:

Rosenberg Foundation

“Defending reproductive freedom is a racial justice issue,” said Tim Silard, president of Rosenberg Foundation. “The foundation is committed to reimagining policies and systems to win fundamental rights, protections, and opportunities for Black, brown, and immigrant communities. We are proud to join with Governor Newsom and our colleagues in philanthropy in the fight to protect reproductive rights and access in California and across the country.”

The Rosenberg Foundation needs to put their money where their mouth is. They’re concerned about “fundamental rights, protections, and opportunities for Black, brown, and immigrant communities?” Then they need to advocate for reform of the country’s firearm laws. One reform in particular that’s needed, the abolishment of possessionary crimes when one bears a firearm and there’s no crime. Afterall, in half the country – soon to be the majority of the states – it’s not a crime to bear an arm without a government permission slip. Round up the governors, they need to form a new alliance.

We know the despicable leaders who push a disarmament agenda are not going to stop anytime soon. There’s no damages levied against them when they break their oaths. They’ll keep passing unconstitutional laws that’ll hopefully get overturned by the courts. Two things will echo for eternity concerning their behavior though: they are hypocrites and they are on the wrong side of history. They’ll be leaving behind legacies of hatred, bigotry, and anti-civil liberty.


Author’s note: Some of the sad excuses of so-called “leaders” mentioned in this article are going to run for President of the United States one day. Probably best to remember many of them are tyrants too.

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