The AK Guy Brandon Herrera Testifies at Hearing on ATF Accountability

Let me get this out up front.  I know Brandon Herrera and I’d call him a friend.  What else do you call a guy that invites you to spend a day shooting his guns, at his range, with an almost inexhaustible supply of free ammunition? If that isn’t a friend, I don’t know what is. Brandon (and I’d be remiss to exclude Donut Operator, co-host of Range Day) is a fantastic Second Amendment ambassador. And that’s the point.  I’ll explain.



Being a Second Amendment ambassador requires advocacy beyond the friendly confines of the gun community. For example, reaching out to those that are perhaps “gun curious”, but don’t follow the day to day politics of the Second Amendment.  Sometimes that advocacy requires putting on a suit, traveling to a foreign land (for a Texan, that is anywhere outside of Texas), and testifying before elected officials about the impacts of federal agencies that overstep Constitutional limits.

In a highly anticipated hearing on ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) accountability, Brandon Herrera, took the stand before Congressman Matt Gaetz in Florida. This event drew attention from across the nation as Congressional Representatives and concerned citizens awaited testimony from an expert panel. The hearing sought to address issues surrounding the ATF’s practices and regulations, allowing Herrera to share his expertise and insights gained from years of experience as an Federal Firearms Licensee and as a prominent voice in the firearms community. You should watch Brandon’s testimony on his YouTube channel.

Background: ATF Accountability and Public Concerns

As every Second Amendment advocate knows, the ATF plays a crucial role in enforcing federal laws and regulations related to firearms, ensuring public safety and preventing the illegal use and distribution of firearms. But that wasn’t always the case.  As Brandon notes in his testimony, the role and scope of the ATF has increased dramatically since its inception in 1972.


The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms was formed about 50 years ago in 1972.  It wasn’t originally intended to be a law enforcement, or for that matter a ‘law interpretation agency’ of the federal government. Believe it or not, it was founded as a split off from the Treasury Department. It was formed as a sort of accounting division, tasked with processing taxes paid on exactly what the name says, alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

However, the agency has been a perennial subject of public scrutiny, with concerns raised about transparency, overreach, and potential violations of constitutional rights. This hearing aimed to shed light on these concerns, prompting a much needed public discussion about ATF accountability.

Why Brandon Herrera’s Expertise and Advocacy are Crucial

There is no doubt about Brandon Herrera prominence as a 2A influencer in the firearms community. He has gained recognition for his expertise, humor and creativity on tech platforms like YouTube and Instagram.  But as importantly as his influence in the 2A community, his outreach and advocacy efforts on behalf of the 2A community are indispensable. Through his YouTube channel, The AK Guy, Herrera educates and informs viewers about firearms, their history, and responsible ownership. His knowledge, combined with his engaging and approachable style, has made him a trusted source for enthusiasts and novices alike.  But that influence extends beyond the 2A community.  Range Day included other social media influencers from outside the 2A community with an estimated reach of between 50 million to 75 million subscribers (the 2A influencers in attendance like Donut Operator, Matt Carriker from Demolition Ranch, Mike from MrGunsngear, Warrior Poet John Lovell, have a combined total of over 20 million subscribers). But it was the outreach to the non “guntubers” that was the story of the day.  It was cold, rainy and miserable but without exception there were smiles on faces. And as luck would have it, I met The Lock Picking Lawyer, whose identity is safe with me.  It was magic and it changed hearts and minds.


Highlighting ATF Overreach

During the hearing, Brandon Herrera delivered a compelling testimony that addressed various aspects of ATF overreach. Sharing specific examples and personal experiences that shed light on the agency’s questionable practices and regulations. Herrera discussed instances where law-abiding gun owners and FFL dealers have faced unwarranted scrutiny and unfair treatment, emphasizing the need for increased accountability within the ATF.

Another key topic of discussion was the reclassification of firearms. Herrera highlighted the arbitrary nature of such decisions and the lack of clear guidelines provided to manufacturers and gun owners. He argued that these sudden changes left many individuals in legal limbo, unsure of whether their firearms were compliant with ATF regulations. This uncertainty had a detrimental impact on the industry and law-abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Herrera also delved into the issue of regulatory overreach, pointing out cases where the ATF exceeded its authority and infringed upon individual liberties. He emphasized the importance of striking a balance between public safety and protecting citizens’ constitutional rights, arguing that the agency’s actions must be guided by transparent and well-defined boundaries. And frankly, they should stop making rules that have the weight of law.  That is not the function of the executive branch in our constitutional system.


Congressman Gaetz’s Supportive Stance

Congressman Matt Gaetz, known for his pro-Second Amendment stance, provided a supportive platform for Herrera’s testimony. Gaetz has been a staunch advocate for individual rights and limited government intervention, making him an ideal representative to lead the discussion on ATF accountability. Gaetz reinforced the importance of addressing concerns related to the agency’s practices while respecting the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Public Reaction and Future Implications

Herrera’s testimony at the hearing resonated with many Americans concerned about firearms regulations and individual freedoms. His comprehensive understanding of the issues and ability to articulate them effectively gained him almost 1.5 million views in just the first day his video was published. The hearing served as an important step toward fostering transparency and accountability within the ATF, ensuring that regulations are reasonable, consistent, and respectful of citizens’ rights.

Looking ahead, the testimony of 2A influencers like Brandon Herrera and the collaborative efforts of lawmakers such as Congressman Gaetz could pave the way for meaningful reform of the ATF.  The goal: to establish a new framework for the ATF (and other agencies) that protects the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners.  As we look toward the next election cycle, I hope  these efforts will result in a more accountable and constitutionally restrained ATF, ensuring that firearms regulations are fair, consistent, and conducive to preserving the rights of law-abiding citizens.


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