Son Shoots Alleged Carjacker To Protect Mother

Horrible things can happen in an instant. A car accident, a plane crash, anything. One minute, everything is fine. The next, trauma.

For one Atlanta-area woman, a potentially traumatic carjacking ended quickly and, while not peacefully, with the alleged bad guy being the one in the proverbial “world of hurt.”


The woman doesn’t want to be identified but told FOX 5 News, the driver immediately got out and rushed to her.

“He said ‘Whose car is this? Give me the keys,” the woman said.

Fulton County Police have identified the robber as Trystan Delk.

“I started screaming so loud that my son who was inside at the time heard me and came out to help,” the woman said.

Police said the woman’s son fired shots at Delk, hitting him multiple times.

Delk then drove himself to a nearby fire station where he tried to pass himself off as an innocent victim of an interstate shooting. Luckily, police didn’t buy it, and Delk was arrested.

While the above quote doesn’t mention the presence of a weapon, Delk is being charged with armed robbery, so that must have been an oversight.

While violent crime isn’t as bad as it was, say, 40 years ago, these things do still happen. And no matter how much the anti-gun zealots try to pretend otherwise, it’s the good guys with guns who come in to save the day. Sometimes they wear a badge, sometimes they don’t. In a case like this, there was no time for the police to arrive.

For the son, it was a simple matter. Act or risk seeing Mom get hurt or even killed. Frankly, that’s a no-brainer if there ever was one. Unless your mom made Joan Crawford look like June Cleaver–and I know some folks who grew up in households like that–most of us wouldn’t hesitate to save our mothers’ lives.


But we also live in a world where there are people who want to take away our ability to defend ourselves. They would take away the key tool for sons–and daughters–to defend their mothers’ lives. They would rob mothers of their primary way to protect their children. In short, they want to make self-defense nearly impossible and, by extension, make it impossible for us to defend others.

Yes, it’s a vile notion, but it’s also what we’re seeing from the anti-gun left time and time again.

In a moment like that, when someone like Delk is allegedly threatening the woman who gave birth to you’s life, politics aren’t really what’s on your mind. What you’re thinking is that this is a threat and you need to stop that threat before someone you love gets hurt. Everything else is secondary.

As it should be.

In a moment like that, you need to act. It’s up to us to make sure you have the tools to act.

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