Canadian Coalition Says It's Close To Handgun Ban

Canadian Coalition Says It's Close To Handgun Ban

There are those who think we can do without the Second Amendment. After all, a repeal has been proposed. It’s not a reasonable proposal, but it’s an example of serious people wanting to repeal our right to keep and bear arms.

Many of those who propose this argument say that we would still have guns, but that the government would impose limits supposedly for the betterment of society.

Of course, that’s a pile of male bovine excrement, but that’s their thinking.

In Canada, citizens don’t have those protections. That’s why a handgun ban is looking like a real possibility.

The Canadian Coalition for Gun Control said in a November fundraising letter that it got politicians to toughen a planned law against hunters and sport shooters, and that the government’s possible handgun ban is “within our reach.”

The letter outlined plans to further attack the rights of federally licensed shooters by demanding the seizure of their handguns and certain other firearms, and by pushing for more privacy intrusions by police. The document sought penalties and punishments only for honest men and women, not lawbreakers.

The government has said it’s examining a “full ban” on handguns and many rifles and shotguns owned by licensed owners.

It also proposed Bill C-71 as a law to prohibit more guns and make it tougher for Canada’s 2.2 million police-approved shooters to buy, sell, own and transport firearms. The draft text will probably become law this year.

That is not good, folks.

While it’s unlikely this will spill over directly into the United States, it won’t because no one will try, handgun bans were once the target of gun control efforts, and there’s little reason to believe that won’t happen again.

It’s important to remember that American gun grabbers have little issue looking to places like Canada, Australia, France, Iceland, and anywhere else they think they can to present arguments for gun control. They often ignore any cultural factors that might come into play regarding crime statistics and instead focus solely on gun control.

That will happen this time, too. Canada isn’t exactly a criminal hotbed compared to most of the United States so any correlations will be tenuous at best.

And none of that will matter to the millions of Canadians who will be wanting a handgun for self-defense that will have to figure something else out for whatever reason. While Joe Biden may think popping off a couple of unaimed shots with a shotgun is the way to keep your family safe, the reality is far different. You need to identify the target(s) before squeezing the trigger. Handguns are great for checking the home to see what caused that bump in the middle of the night. In my opinion, they’re the best option.

Yet Canadians are about to be denied that. They’re going to be relegated to using weapons that are less than ideal for the task of personal defense, all because someone who knows nothing about the topic thinks they don’t need that particular tool.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we can’t afford to give up any ground with the gun control crowd. This is what they want for here, too. They say they don’t, but give them time. All it would take is just one tragedy to make them change their tune.