3D Printed Glock Magazine Undermines Gun Control Once Again

I’m not someone overly fascinated with technology. I use it and often wonder about what the future holds–I’m a science fiction nerd and writer, after all–but I don’t get overly excited by new technologies.

With one exception. That’s the 3D printer. To me, it represents pretty much the ultimate freedom, the idea that you can build almost anything you want in any room of your house.

Almost immediately, people started trying to build guns off of 3D printers. Gun parts are easy. Guns are a bit trickier. Still, the 3D printer effectively puts an end to any gun control effort you want to name.

Now, with gun control so prominent in the news, especially a push for a ban on higher-capacity magazines, it seems a good time to point out that if you can print a Glock magazine, you can put an end to any efforts to control magazine capacity.

The American gun control debate rages on, hot as ever. Liberals show no sign of relenting when it comes to taking away the rights of Americans to defend themselves against the state. However, thanks to the miracle of 3D printing, gun control is dead in the water. The most recent blow to gun control via 3D printing takes the form of a 30 round Glock magazine made completely out of plastic.

Deterrence Dispensed released a video showcasing a 30 round Glock magazine made completely out of plastic.

Thanks to Deterrence Dispensed, high capacity magazine bans are now a joke to anyone with access to a 3D printer. As a result, the right to bear arms is only more secure. Hopefully, more similar projects will spring up. Because gun control is dangerous: it takes away the last barrier between government overreach and the rights of everyday Americans.

And make no mistake, anti-gunners may dismiss these measures or try to ban them when they try to ban the magazines themselves, but such measures are doomed to failure. Especially when you remember that the criminals we’re ostensibly supposed to be worried about have access to this technology too. They’re going to keep getting magazines in excess of what the law-abiding citizen is legally allowed to buy, creating a disparity between the good guys and the bad guys. The wrong kind of disparity.

The truth is, gun control is never going to work, but as technology like 3D printing continues to become more and more affordable, so too does the ability to circumvent gun control efforts. Especially when you’re looking at the most popular brand of handgun in the country.

With this technology’s prevalence, it’s beyond time for lawmakers to ditch gun control and to start looking at other ways to curb violence such as keeping people locked up rather than allowing violent criminals out on relatively small bonds, anti-gang efforts, anti-drug efforts, or other such measures to try and stop the bleeding in America’s inner cities. After all, gun control is a non-factor now since it’s impossible to implement.

However, we also know that anti-gunners aren’t likely to acknowledge this fact. They’ll simply try to ban something else that’s impossible to actually prevent, thus only keeping the law-abiding from doing it while having no impact on criminals.

Anti-gunners aren’t exactly a rational group, are they?