SC Car Dealership Offers Voucher For AR-15, Bible For Each Sale

America is a hell of a nation.

If there are two things that we stand out for, it just might be our love of firearms and the automobile. We’re a larger nation, more spread out than Europe. Couple that with our independent spirit and you’ve got a recipe for a people who will love their cars.


Same thing with guns, really.

So I guess a South Carolina car dealership is really just tapping into that with their latest promotion.

Through November, the dealership is running a “God, Guns and America” special. With the purchase of any vehicle, customers will receive at no extra cost a Bible, an American flag and a $400 voucher for the purchase of a Smith & Wesson AR-15 from Locked-N-Loaded in Abbeville.

“We sat down here, me and my whole team, and we looked at different aspects of how to do this. Everybody at this dealership is proud of our country and almost everybody likes to hunt, and so we tried to do something a little bit different,” General Manager Derrick Hughes said.

Hughes said the provocative ad campaign hasn’t been universally supported, but it’s led to conversations on social media and with his customers about one of the country’s most divisive issues — part of the impetus for the giveaway to begin with.

“We’re not trying to force any kind of beliefs on anyone,” Hughes said.

Although the flag and Bible are handed out with the purchase of a new vehicle, obtaining the gun is a more stringent process. Customers are required to have a bill of sale and voucher signed by Hughes personally before they can make the buy, pending approval of a background check by Locked and Loaded.

The dealership, Carolina Ford in Honea Path, SC, doesn’t keep guns on the premises for what are probably obvious reasons. They’re not a licensed gun dealer so they have no real reason to do so and no real way to secure those weapons. Instead, they send them over to a dealer who can conduct all the relevant background checks.


They’re not the first dealership to do this. Earlier this summer, an Alabama car dealership was “requested” to stop their giveaway which involved a shotgun–which is far less controversial than an AR-15–and a flag.

That was a Ford dealership too.

Of course, there are differences. This time, for example, it’s quite clear that this is for a voucher for an AR-15 and they’re not just handing out guns. In Alabama, that may not have been quite so clear.

Regardless, though, this is an awesome promotion and if I were looking to buy a new Ford, I’d consider making the road trip just to do so. After all, if I’m going to buy a new car anyway, why not at least think about taking a trip and getting a new AR-15 in the process?

Either way, this is the quintessential American marketing scheme. It taps into just about everything that makes this country create. The only way it could be more American is if it were throwing tea into Boston Harbor.

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