The "Common Sense" Argument For Prosecuting Hunter Biden

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

President Joe Biden has a lot of nerve.

He stood at a podium on Thursday and tried to make a case for gun control to the American people. He did it while his own son, Hunter Biden, is still walking around after his irresponsible handling of a firearm as well as his possibly fraudulent purchase of said firearm.


Frankly, he needs to be prosecuted, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.

I do not envy the position that Joe Biden is in with his son. But he is the president of the United States now, and he is using his position to call for much stricter laws to regulate the exercise of an explicit constitutional right. If he wants to show that he is serious — and, more important, if he wants to show that he’s not trying to create a confusing thicket of rules that will end up being enforced capriciously — he should be in favor of investigating and, if necessary, prosecuting his son and his friends. It is a federal felony to lie on Form 4473. Joe Biden supports this. It is a federal felony to possess a gun while one is a drug addict. Joe Biden supports this. It is a federal felony to bring a firearm within one thousand feet of a school. Joe Biden not only supports this, he wrote the law.

If only Biden knew someone in the White House who could ensure that such violations were more rigorously prosecuted. Surely, it’s just “common sense”?

National Review’s Charles Cooke lays out what all led up to this, of course, and points out that if prosecutions for fraudulently attempting to buy a firearm are so rare, why on God’s green Earth are we trying to make everyone go through the process?


But much of it really does revolve around Hunter and his shenanigans.

Biden can’t really pretend to have the high ground in this argument when we know damn good and well that he’s advocating for two sets of rules, one for him and his family and one for the rest of us. Then again, it’s also clear based on a recent story in The Daily Mail that Hunter almost runs the Biden family, with the president doing whatever Hunter wants.

If that’s the case, then there’s just not very much that’s ever going to happen.

So why then should we increase restrictions on firearms when we know damn good and well that the laws aren’t going to be followed by the elites such as the Bidens?

Hunter Biden is alleged to have illegally purchased a handgun. That is supposed to carry a hefty sentence, but instead, he’s welcomed at the White House whenever he wants to drop by to see his dad. There’s no way any of us could guarantee we wouldn’t be prosecuted for such a thing–after all, prosecutions are rare for this, but not unheard of–yet Hunter skates through life.


It’s kind of hard not to resent the hell out of an administration that would create another set of rules for us while knowing that Hunter should be in prison for his actions, but won’t be.


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