Biden's Gun Control Push A Potential Threat To Democrats

Biden's Gun Control Push A Potential Threat To Democrats
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President Joe Biden is pushing hard for gun control, something we knew would happen. After all, he’s long been a fan of gun control, campaigned on it, and anti-gun groups spent millions trying to get him elected. There was pretty much no way his presidency wasn’t going to result in gun control.

And, of course, it’s here. Biden is trying his damnedest to deliver on his campaign promises. While legislation is stalled in the Senate, thankfully, he’s issued his executive orders, lied a lot while announcing them, and is likely to issue more executive orders down the road.

In the meantime, he may have also shot Democrats in the foot.

President Biden’s call for an assault weapons ban is putting pressure on Democrats to pass legislation that strategists worry could put lawmakers in a vulnerable spot heading into next year’s midterm elections.

The president’s latest push goes beyond expanded background checks and sets the stage for votes to ban assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines — a potential political liability in Senate battlegrounds such as Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

One North Carolina-based Democratic strategist said voting on an assault weapons ban would help fuel Republican arguments that the Biden administration is coming to take their guns.

“Republicans are already claiming that Democrats are trying to take people’s guns and have no respect for the Second Amendment,” said the strategist.

“It is a problem in all those states, in my mind,” the strategist said of the debate on gun control measures. “The question which is going to determine 2022 is: Is it going to be enough to get those Trump voters out to vote?”

The strategist said the issue cuts both ways, with expected Republican opposition to a House-passed bill expanding background checks potentially swinging “whatever suburban women who are left” still voting for GOP candidates over to the Democrats.

Not if you also start framing gun rights as women’s rights, which the pro-gun crowd needs to start doing and doing now.

Especially if it can woo more women voters while Democrats manage to shoot themselves in the foot by pushing for gun control. Though, frankly, anyone who really believes that Biden doesn’t want to come for our guns has been smoking some seriously powerful stuff and should consider stopping immediately.

The last time Congress made this kind of push on guns was in the mid-1990s. It led to a bloodbath in Congress when the American people lashed out at their gun control efforts and replaced quite a few lawmakers with pro-gun candidates.

And this was before so many people owned AR-15s.

Just imagine what it could be like now.

The problem, however, is that we have to unify. We also have to make it clear that it’s not just our gun rights that are up for grabs. President Biden claimed that no amendment to the Constitution was absolute. That reasoning will lead to things like restrictions on free speech or freedom of the press.

Right now, those things aren’t likely to happen because you can only encroach so far with an armed populace. People value their rights and they will resist any attempt to take them away. But that resistance becomes much less of a threat when they’re disarmed.

The American people need to understand that. It’s on us to tell them. We’ve got time, but not much, so we’d better get started right away.

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