2021 Could Be Even Bigger For Gun Sales Than Last Year

Steve Helber

We’ve written a lot about how crazy gun sales have been. It’s been downright insane over the last year. Then again, that’s to be expected. From a pandemic and potential economic collapse to riots to violent crime skyrocketing, there’s been an awful lot to concern folks. People get concerned enough, they buy guns, which plenty did in 2020.


Now, though, it’s 2021. That should change…but it hasn’t. In fact, as it stands, the year isn’t even halfway over, but gun sales have still continued to soar to such a degree that there’s every reason to believe that we’re looking at a record year.

One item that has seen record sales during the coronavirus pandemic: guns.

Gun stores nationwide are seeing an increase in customers, according to WFOR-TV in Miami.

During the first four months of the year, nearly 16 million background checks were conducted for firearm purchases, the FBI said, for an increase of 31% compared to the same time in 2020.

Vista Outdoor is one company benefitting from the surge even though it doesn’t make guns. It makes ammunition.

“We  havent seen these trends before. More millennials, more younger-generation people, more people of color, women are embracing hunter and field to table movements, filling their freezers with fresh meat, embracing safety and and self-resiliency,” CEO Chris Metz told Fox Business’ Liz Clayman. “We welcomed in more than 8 million new users into this sport, which we call shooting sports and hunting.”


Frankly, unless something severe happens to the violent crime rate, don’t expect to see gun sales drop anytime soon. Right now, people are watching the news and seeing shootings and killings at a rate most of them won’t recall having seen in decades. They’ll see unrest in our cities and will likely have questions about our economy, what with gas prices going up even before the pipeline hack among other concerning factors.

So yeah, gun sales are going to continue to be brisk for the foreseeable future.

That’s good news for the firearm industry since they’re pretty much selling everything they make right now. There’s really no ability to hold onto inventory, I imagine, even if they wanted to.

Since they don’t want to hold onto inventory, it’s great. It definitely will help everyone rebound from the “Trump Slump,” as many called it.

This increase in sales is also good for the Second Amendment. For one thing, a lot of people are new gun owners. Most gun owners become gun voters, which means that we’re looking at millions of new gun rights voters. Additionally, a lot of them learned the hard way that what they’ve been told were the gun laws actually aren’t. They couldn’t buy guns over the internet, for example.


That’s likely to be a big win in the coming election cycles.

And it’s far from over. There are still 7 months left in the year and no signs of anything slowing down as far as gun sales.

Granted, I wish ammo sales would slow down a bit just because I really need to replenish my supply, but it’s good for ammo companies, too.

The only people this isn’t good for? The gun grabbers.

I’m OK with that.

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