Chinese Communist Party-Backed "News" Site Critical Of Texas Constitutional Carry Bill

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Right now, one should be very wary of someone who isn’t concerned about the Chinese government. Not only did their lies and incompetence make the impact of COVID-19 worse–and that’s at a minimum since there’s some evidence that the virus may have leaked from a Chinese lab–but they’ve also exerted way too much influence into our lives and culture lately.


Now, a website called Global News that is part of the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda apparatus has opinions on Texas and its constitutional carry law.

The U.S. state of Texas may return to its Wild West past, or even worse, predicts an advocate for responsible gun ownership and opponent of the so-called permitless carry law signed by Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday, which allows Texans to carry handguns without a license or training starting Sept. 1.

“There weren’t automatic weapons or 100-round magazine capacities in the guns 100 years ago,” said Gyl Switzer, director of Texas Gun Sense, a nonprofit group of more than 7,000 mostly gun owners who lobby for improved methods of gun control.

The permitless carry law isn’t within Switzer’s ideas of ensuring responsible firearm safety, as indicated by Texas Gun Sense’s press release Wednesday within an hour of Abbott’s fulfillment of his promise to sign the Republican-backed legislation.

“We are very concerned and disgusted that Governor Abbott has signed HB (House Bill) 1927 today while Texans are still fighting for their lives in Austin area hospitals from the most recent of Texas mass shootings,” the release stated. “(The bill) allows the permitless carry of handguns in public by people with no background check, no training in laws and safety and no demonstrated proficiency in shooting.”


Of course, there’s no comment or indication the “journalist” sought comment from any pro-gun group or voice.

My own take is that if I weren’t a supporter of constitutional carry already, the Chinese government’s propaganda machine lashing out at it would be enough to convert me.

Honestly, China’s opposition should be more than enough to inspire every state in the country to pass similar laws. It won’t, of course, but it should

What’s barely mentioned in this “news” article is that Texas is far from the first state to enact constitutional carry, nor will it be the last.  Despite the doomsaying from anti-gunners throughout the nation, none of their nightmare scenarios have come to pass anywhere else in the nation. It’s just been a huge non-issue. That got left out of this “article” too.

Which you wouldn’t expect the Chinese Communist Party to admit.

Of course, the Chinese government and the communist party that makes up that government don’t like the idea of Armed citizens. They know if their population was armed, Tiananmen Square would have gone very differently, as would the demonstrations in Hong Kong.

Frankly, they want to play into the discord that surrounds the gun issue anyway. An America in disarray benefits them in so many ways it’s not even funny. Backing the losing side of the debate in this instance aids in that.


Luckily, we don’t actually have to give a damn what the Chinese government has to say on anything. Our gun rights don’t impact them, nor do our gun control laws. They’re just poking their nose in to stir crap up.

The fact that they also have to know that any theoretical invasion on the United States they might want to try at some point would be doomed to failure not just because of our military, but our armed population probably plays some role as well.

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