Attempt At Banning Gun Sales From Home Now Headed To Court

Attempt At Banning Gun Sales From Home Now Headed To Court
(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

All over this country, there are people selling guns from their homes. These gun sales aren’t illegal, black market deals. No, they’re perfectly lawful sales conducted by licensed gun dealers who just happen to be doing business from their home.

There’s nothing illegal about it.

Unless, apparently, you live in Fargo. It seems North Dakota passed a law allowing these kinds of sales, and now that law is being challenged by the city of Fargo.

Monday evening, [Fargo] City Commissioners voted to take the case to Cass County District Court. Just two weeks ago, Fargo’s city attorney indicated that if the matter did go to court and the city would lose, it could be on the hook for legal fees. Other city commissioners again warned about the wasted money involved.

And it would be a serious waste of money, especially since these kinds of businesses don’t actually represent a real threat to much of anyone.

See, these sales aren’t illegal sales. They with licensed dealers who have to follow all state and local laws. They are conducted throughout the nation as people get federal firearms licenses as a way to supplement their income or to just make it easier for people to have a gun purchased from an online or some other out-of-state source.

What the law doesn’t do is somehow legalize otherwise illegal gun sales. Black market dealers have been selling guns out of their homes and cars for decades. They won’t change one way or another with the new law.

This law is nothing but a direct attempt to target federally licensed gun dealers, and it’s not something that should be tolerated.

Frankly, I don’t see how Fargo wins this one. I seriously don’t.

For one thing, Fargo has gun stores, so it’s not like there aren’t gun sales already taking place. However, people selling out of their homes are also less likely to be broken into for those guns.

People drive down the street and can see where the gun stores are. They know exactly what buildings to break into where they’ll find a load of firearms. Those buildings become potential targets.

Yet that doesn’t happen when someone is selling out of their home.

The thing is, Fargo doesn’t stop other kinds of home-based businesses. People can build furniture in their garage and sell it. They can fix cars for people in exchange for money from home. People do sewing and knitting for fun and profit, and Fargo doesn’t say a thing. It’s only the idea of someone selling guns in accordance with federal requirements that seems to create an issue.

Well, I suspect the city of Fargo is going to find out that infringing on people’s Second Amendment rights–and the right to keep and bear arms includes the right to sell those arms–isn’t going to fly anywhere in such a pro-gun state.

In fact, I suspect it will be a sign to behold when all is said and done. I kind of wish I could watch it happen in real time.