Governor to sign ghost gun bill in Chicago neighborhood

Governor to sign ghost gun bill in Chicago neighborhood
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The city of Chicago is a cautionary tale. Unfortunately, no one in the state government seems to have gotten the lesson.

After all, the city is rife with violent crime despite the plethora of gun control laws that exist there. None of them have ever done much of anything.


However, in an effort to make a statement, the governor is going to sign a bill there in Chicago that will accomplish even less than usual!

Gov. JB Pritzker will sign a law to make ghost guns illegal Wednesday.

Illinois is poised to become the first state in the Midwest to ban ghost guns, as lawmakers are under pressure to curb violent crime.

Pritzker is set to sign legislation restricting the sale and possession of ghost guns later on Wednesday morning at the Ark of St. Sabina’s gymnasium on the South Side.

Chicago police said they are seeing a huge increase in ghost guns, recovering 139 in 2020 and 458 last year.

However, what they don’t tell you is whether this is an increase in total firearms recovered or if this represents simply a shift in where the bad guys are getting their guns.

Funny, that.

You see, criminals in Chicago haven’t exactly had a huge problem getting firearms in the first place, even before “ghost guns” were a thing.

The guys shooting up neighborhoods aren’t generally the kind of people interested in making or selling a good. They’re not that enterprising. So, they’ll buy what’s available.

If it happens to be “ghost guns,” that’s what they’ll buy.

But for years, it wasn’t. They bought stolen guns or straw-buy guns or whatever else they could get their grubby little paws on. They used those same firearms to turn Chicago into Chiraq.

And while “ghost guns” are a good boogieman for anti-gun zealots, the truth is that if you made all of them go away tomorrow, you’d likely never even notice a difference in the violent crime rates.


That’s what people don’t understand.

They’re so focused on the shiny object the media has dangled in front of them that they can’t think critically for a second and recognize that criminals have always found ways to get guns and that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Pritzker is going to sign a law that will accomplish nothing except to keep hobbyists from making their own firearms lawfully.

But the criminal suppliers of these weapons? They’ll just keep on making them. In fact, they’ll likely figure out a way to profit from the law, marking up their products to offset any inconvenience they experience.

The bad guys will still get firearms and Chicago will still be a violent hellhole.

Way to freaking go.

If they actually wanted to combat crime, they’d start trying to look at alternatives to gun control. Even if they still pushed gun control forward–I can’t imagine any of them accepting they were wrong about it–they could create programs to counter violent crime as well.

They don’t. They just push this nonsense.

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