Oregon hunters concerned about end of gun sales

Oregon hunters concerned about end of gun sales
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One common refrain from anti-Second Amendment types is that they’re not after our hunting weapons. They want hunters to accept that they have nothing to fear from gun control.


Of course, hunters are only one segment of the gun community, but they’re the socially acceptable part in many places.

However, many of us have long argued that once they take away our guns, their guns are next.

That doesn’t account for the unintended consequence.

Gun rights advocates fear all firearm sales will freeze in Oregon in three weeks when one of the nation’s strictest gun control measures takes effect.

Measure 114, which voters appear to have been passed by a 1.5% margin, bans ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds and mandates the creation of a permit-to-purchase system that includes hands-on firearm training.

“We’re looking at the end of firearm sales in Oregon until this system is put into place,” Amy Patrick, policy director for the Oregon Hunters Association, told Fox News.

Oregon State Police announced this week that Measure 114 will take effect Dec. 8.

Fox News asked OSP in an email whether firearm purchases will halt on that date if a permit processing system is not yet in place. A spokesperson for the agency said only that “OSP is working diligently to ensure that the new Permit to Purchase program will be operational by December 8, 2022.”

That’s an easy thing to say, but until it is, there may be a distinct possibility that gun sales completely and totally halt in Oregon, both for self-defense firearms and hunting guns.

And that’s a huge problem.

You see, many anti-gunners know they can’t get around the Second Amendment. People will have a right to own guns no matter how they try to restrict them.


Yet that right means nothing if there’s no means to acquire guns lawfully.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is going to simply be a temporary thing. It’s an artifact of Measure 114 and not necessarily indicative of a direct, planned effort to do this on a grander scale.

I think many want that to happen, but that’s just something they want, not something they’re implementing via things like Measure 114. This is just a happy coincidence to them.

And I must admit that it’s possible the Oregon State Police will have a system up and running by December 8. I doubt it, but it could happen and I’m not being honest if I don’t acknowledge that possibility.

Yet this is also an example of how unintended consequences stem from gun control efforts like this.

Hunters should be aware that even if they’re not the target of a gun control law, they could still be wrapped up in the mess. It’s not like the gun control crowd that says they aren’t after hunting guns is necessarily honest about their desires, after all.

This is just an example of all the ways everyone can get screwed over by a bit of gun control that doesn’t look like it’s a particular problem for one segment of the gun community.

There will be others.

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