Texas school board votes to allow armed teachers

Uvalde shook a lot of us to our core. It pushed lawmakers to pass gun control–a bill that would do nothing to stop this or any other mass shooting, mind you–and some want to push still more.


However, how could things have been different with one of the teachers at Robb Elementary being armed?

Well, in Keller, TX, they’re not taking the chances of asking that same question there.

Keller school trustees voted 4-3 Monday to explore allowing some trained employees including teachers to carry guns on campus.

The vote came after students, parents and teachers urged the district to look at alternative ways other than arming staff to expand security in the wake of the Uvalde school massacre and other mass shootings.

But the trustees decided in the split vote to explore options including adding more school resource officers at elementary campuses and to participate in the state-certified Guardian Program that is in place in several rural districts and the North Texas districts of White Settlement and Weatherford.

Keller is among many districts throughout Texas that are beefing up security and safety following the May 24 mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, where 19 children and 2 teachers were killed.

The board and the audience were divided in their opinions on whether employees, including teachers, should carry guns on campuses.

They made the right call.

Look, I’m not deluded enough to think teachers can and should lay down their lives for our kids. Many will and more than a few have throughout the years, but that’s not in the job description.

But armed teachers are in a position to protect themselves, which has the added benefit of protecting our kids.

The truth is that bad people do bad things. You’re not going to stop that no matter how much you want to.


With armed teachers on the premises, though, you make sure you have a good guy with a gun there should anything happen. When you’ve got a situation like that, you start talking about the incident like we did with Greenwood Park Mall or the church in White Settlement, TX.

And you start talking about the shooter in the past tense, all while being relieved that innocent lives were spared.

I’m sorry, but I fail to see the downside.

Then again, that’s probably because there’s not one.

Some will claim there is, of course. They’ll argue that our teachers shouldn’t be forced to carry a gun–which I agree, they shouldn’t, which is why these programs tend to be voluntary–or that teachers can’t be trusted with guns. That makes no sense to me at all, considering these people also tend to elevate teachers to sainthood just because of their profession.

Armed teachers just make sense. Good guys with guns need to be in place, and everything they’re doing in Keller seeks to make that happen, both with arming the teachers and putting school resource officers in place.

As a result, I’ll be very surprised if we ever see a mass shooting at a school in Keller, TX.

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