Canada doesn't know how many guns smuggled in

Canada doesn't know how many guns smuggled in
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Canada, like Mexico, likes to blame many of its gun issues on the United States. We don’t restrict guns like they do, so clearly any issues they have are all our fault.


Of course, our northern neighbor doesn’t have the same issues as Mexico by any stretch of the imagination. Still, they have their own problems, and supposedly, we’re the source of illegal guns.

And yet, it seems Canada doesn’t know quite how many guns come into the country from here, and what they do know isn’t overly surprising.

Canada’s public safety department says it does not know how many guns are smuggled into the country.

In a federal briefing note obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Department of Public Safety said the scope of gunrunning in Canada is “unknown.”

“Cross-border smuggling of firearms poses a threat to the safety and security of Canada,” said the note, titled “Efforts To Address Firearms Smuggling And Trafficking.”

Similar to what the department said last December when announcing $312 million in additional spending to combat gun smuggling over five years, the note stated that “the total number of firearms successfully smuggled into Canada is unknown.”

“We are providing the Canada Border Services Agency and RCMP with the tools and resources they need to combat smuggling and trafficking such as X-ray machines,” it added.

So they know it’s a problem and will pour money into combatting the issue, but they have no idea of just how big of a problem it is, which suggests the possibility it’s not an issue.

Especially since we do know what officials do run into.

The inquiry said the confiscated guns came “mostly from non-compliant travelers attempting to retain their personal firearms while traveling.”


So while they’re concerned about gunrunning from the United States, most of what they actually see are people who just failed to leave their guns at home when crossing the border.

Officials claim that the guns are coming in via things like rail, which sounds like it might be a bit of a stretch. After all, it’s easier to just drive guns across the border, apparently. Sending them by rail requires an interesting level of trust that I just don’t see many criminals fostering.

Regardless, they’ll spend money on this and then claim the criminals shipping guns into the country are just using a different method.

I find it funny that they have no idea how many guns are coming into the country but seem to know exactly how they’re coming in.

The truth is that Canadian lawmakers are just looking to scapegoat the United States for their own failures. After all, no matter how personally we take it, no one down here can affect much of anything up that way, so they can blame us all they want and we’re powerless to do anything.

Especially since we have a White House that’s hostile to civilian gun ownership. The Biden administration would likely just nod and accept the blame rather than stand up for our nation.

Typical, really.

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