Drunk on New York City subway makes point about the uselessness of 'ghost gun' bans

Drunk on New York City subway makes point about the uselessness of 'ghost gun' bans
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So-called “ghost guns” have been vilified significantly over the last few years, despite the fact that they’re rarely used for criminal acts. They’re scary to people because it’s impossible to stop people from making them.


For me, that’s a feature, not a bug, but I also get not everyone shares that sentiment.

As a result, there have been numerous efforts to try and end the practice of making homemade firearms or, at least, making it impossible for most folks to do so lawfully.

Yet an arrest in New York City shows just how stupid that idea is.

Police officers tried to help a drunk man at a subway station — and realized he was packing a bizarre-looking homemade rifle in his pants, leading to his arrest over the weekend, police sources said Monday.

Melvin Montoya, 37, was found drunk inside the 149th Street–Grand Concourse station in Mott Haven around 11:45 p.m. Saturday, and cops jumped in to aid him, authorities said.

That’s when they noticed a long, heavy metal object going down his leg.

The officers frisked Montoya — and he allegedly reached for the crudely-made weapon, which the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit later determined was a gas-operated one-shot rifle, according to police and the sources.

Photos of the weird handmade gun obtained by The Post show a long, metal wrench-like device with screws and what appears to be a lever.

What? No 3D printer-made gun?

I’m shocked.

See, no matter what laws you have in place, some ingenious soul will find a way to build a gun without kits or 3D printers or anything else. They’ll take some bits of metal and cobble something together.

“But this could only fire one shot!”

So did the Liberator created by Defense Distributed that everyone had kittens over. That “ghost gun” was terribly problematic, but this one isn’t a danger?


Just how many rounds do you think it takes to kill someone? You freak about 30-round magazines and don’t think this is an issue?

Of course, many will see it as dangerous and be glad the police caught this guy before he hurt anyone. However, they’re also missing the point.

This was something built with parts from a hardware store. You’re never going to stop people from making their own guns. Some are going to build them no matter what. Laws against so-called “ghost guns” don’t do anything except prohibit hobbyists from making their own firearms. Those inclined to break the law will continue building their own guns. It’s just how things work.

So here we are, a man arrested with a homemade gun despite New York’s laws on the topic. It’s more evidence that gun laws don’t work.

However, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul won’t hear of it. Not these days, anyway.

That’s a shame, too, because good people in New York deserve far better from their state government than what they’re getting. Unfortunately, they’re outnumbered by those who think they know better and ignore all the evidence showing how wrong they are.

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