About those Canadian gun laws...

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Every nation on Earth has more gun laws on the books than the United States does.

I see this as a feature of living here, rather than a bug, but a lot of people disagree. They want to see gun control come to these shores and they often look at other nations as models of what we can do.


Some want Australian-style gun control and others want British-style. Some, through they years, have touted Canadian gun control.

After all, Canada isn’t exactly a crime-riddled hellscape or anything, right? Proponents say that’s proof the country’s gun laws work.

Yeah, about that…

Vancouver police say investigators have seized an estimated $13 million in drugs, guns, and cash related to organized crime.

In March, at a downtown Vancouver property, investigators found 14 kilograms of fentanyl, 12 kilograms of cocaine, 17 kilograms of methamphetamine, and 73 kilograms of MDMA, according to a VPD news release on Thursday. Investigators also found four guns and more than $190,000 in cash.

Now, I’ll grant that it’s just four guns and not enough firepower to kick off the War of 1812: The Sequel or anything, but gun control up in the Great White North is what it is. Their laws are supposed to prevent bad people from getting guns.

“But they probably came in from the United States!”

That doesn’t matter. Importing guns into Canada or exporting them from the United States without proper licensing is illegal. If gun laws work as advertised, then this gun running simply wouldn’t be happening, now would it?

Yet here we are.

Further, look at what else was found. Drugs are illegal and heavily pretty much everywhere on the planet. Even in nations that many would consider too tolerant on drugs, these particular drugs are illegal as hell.

Why does that matter? Because those drugs came from somewhere. The meth might be locally produced, but the last time I checked, coca plants weren’t exactly cold-tolerant.


That means at least some of the drugs were smuggled in.

So to tell me that insufficient gun laws are the reason these guns were in criminal hands in Canada suggests that the problem with the cocaine was insufficient anti-drug laws.

The same laws that basically ban the substance in every corner of the planet.

Sure, pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.

Look, the truth of the matter is that gun laws don’t do what proponents claim. They don’t stop criminals. The absolute best case is that they allow armed criminals to be charged with gun crimes.

Yet in the process, how many law-abiding citizens are being left defenseless because the laws in question inhibit them more than the bad guys?

Further, let’s not forget that it is, in fact, a violation of our basic human right to self-defense to deny us the tools necessary for that task. Canada is doing that to its citizens now and people here want to do the same to folks like you and me.

Then they wonder why we won’t just roll over and take gun control.

It’s a mystery.

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