Clearly, we need meth and crack control

Image by MikeGunner from Pixabay

Gun control is set to be a hot topic for years to come, even in light of recent events. That’s not likely to change no matter what.

It’s kind of funny that the people who can see mass shootings in every avenue of life can’t imagine any situation where having a gun might be useful. They want regulation.

What’s more, they’re convinced that it’ll work. All we need are a few more laws and suddenly people who aren’t supposed to have guns won’t have them.

Because, you know, that’s worked so well with drugs.

A traffic stop in the heart of Marietta led to the discovery of drugs and guns for sale inside a woman’s car.

A Marietta police officer pulled over Nakyla Mormon of Smyrna at Lawrence St. and N. Fairground Street around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

According to her arrest warrant, she had two guns with her as well as crack cocaine cookies, cocaine, meth and weed.

One of the pistols in her car had an altered serial number.

Plus, a 2017 drug conviction prohibited her from carrying guns.

If only cocaine and meth weren’t legal in so many other places and if only there were laws to keep people convicted of certain crimes from owning guns.

Oh, wait, there’s all of that.

Of all the things she was arrested with, marijuana was the only thing she could have obtained legally somewhere in the nation. She couldn’t take it across state lines but she could have bought it.

See, what people need to understand is that there are so many guns on the black market that you’re never going to get rid of them all. With the rise of the 3D printer, you’re never going to stop the flow of newer guns into that same market.

Criminals will get guns. People who aren’t supposed to have them will get them.

Gun control is as useless as drug control has been with regard to keeping people from getting whatever it’s intended to prevent them from getting.

The difference is that guns have legitimate uses. They’re used for recreation, sporting purposes, collecting, and self-defense. There are a number of reasons for a person to want a gun that have nothing to do with criminality.

But the anti-gunners will pretend otherwise, all while failing to understand that you cannot stop bad actors from getting a given thing. Preventing good guys from getting it, though, means they can’t protect themselves or others.

We’ve never been able to stop drugs from hitting our streets. The most effective strategies to reduce the drug problem have been preventative or treatment-based; reducing the demand as a way of hurting the suppliers.

That’s not going to work with black-market guns simply because it’s not an addiction.

The problem with any kind of control is that it focuses on controlling people. That’s not really a winning strategy, especially in a nation that has long valued freedom. Don’t tell us what to do or we’re just as likely to do the opposite out of spite.

But if decades of intensive drug control have failed, it’s probably time to face the fact that gun control will do just as badly.

Unfortunately, we need to face reality as well.

Those who seek to destroy our rights won’t be swayed by past failures. They’re convinced that this time, they’ll get it right; that this time it’ll be different.

Yes, it sounds like those who push communism or socialism–which are little different though one has better branding–who continue to say that the issue is that it wasn’t implemented correctly and they could do it better.

Controlling people fails. Drugs show that so give it up on guns.