Gun Laws Get Ignored by Those Who Ignore Laws

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Time and time again, some politician seeks to put up a gun law they claim is absolutely essential because of armed criminals. It seems some people think that restricting our rights will somehow restrict the actions of people who have no respect for the law as a general thing.


Take universal background checks, as just one example. It creates a burden for you and me, all while criminals keep on buying from black market sources.

The truth is that people who obey gun control laws aren’t the problem and that those who disobey laws as a general thing will also disobey gun laws.

Two people were arrested last week in Hall County on felony drug and weapons charges.

On Wednesday, Dec. 6, investigators with the Hall County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant on a home and a camper in the 3200 block of Hall Drive in the eastern part of Hall County.

Deputies seized just over 131 grams of methamphetamine along with drug paraphernalia.

Eight guns were also seized at the property.

Among the many drug and theft charges regarding a stolen motorcycle were five counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. Yeah, that’s a thing in Georgia, where this happened.

Now, let’s keep in mind that these two rocket surgeons were allegedly selling meth, had a stolen motorcycle on the property, and a number of firearms that they couldn’t legally have there. Do you really think for a moment they even blinked at having guns illegally?

And that’s assuming these weren’t stolen guns whose serial numbers just didn’t pop in the system.

You see, people who are going to be knowingly involved with stolen motorcycles and drugs like meth are generally going to be people who look at a gun control law and think, “So what?”


Gun laws don’t stop criminals.

At best, they simply allow prosecutors to throw still more charges at the bad guy when they’re finally caught. Unfortunately, we also know that those are the kind of charges that get dropped in plea deals far too often for that to make a compelling reason for more laws.

So we get gun laws that do nothing except inhibit what you or I might want to do, but don’t stop criminals in the least.

And this is just one such example. There are thousands of them each and every day across the nation. We don’t see all of them and we couldn’t cover all of them if we did. It’s just that common.

The only thing perhaps more common are people pushing for gun laws that would never stop someone like this.

Gun control doesn’t control criminals, just everyone else. The sooner anti-gunners can come to understand and accept this, the sooner we can drive onward and start coming up with approaches that actually do some good in reducing violent crime and crime in general.

But that would require large segments of the population, those involved in gun control efforts, to come to the realization they’ve been wrong all this time. Figure the odds of that happening.

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