Georgia Considering Sales Tax Holidays for Gun Purchases

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Gun purchases might be spur of the moment things for many, but they’re never really what most of us would consider “chump change.”

Even an inexpensive gun, at today’s prices, it still likely to cost somewhere close to $200 in many places, and that’s for a gun a lot of people wouldn’t even consider.


If you take that cost, though, and add sales tax, you’re looking at a fair bit more added to the cost of the gun itself.

And yet, it seems a couple of Georgia lawmakers want to provide a sales tax holiday for gun purchases.

A group of 21 state senators filed legislation on Jan. 11 to make guns, gun safes, accessories and ammunition tax free for 11 days each year.

According to the legislative text of Senate Bill 344, the bill would make firearms, ammunition, gun safes and related accessories exempt from state sales and use taxes from the second Friday of October to the fourth Monday of October each year.

The tax free holiday for gun buying would include stocks, barrels, scopes and magazines, in addition to ammo and the guns themselves.

Georgia does sales tax holidays for other things, perhaps most notably for school supplies right at the end of summer.

As a result, it knocks a few bucks off of notebooks and pens, but this has the possibility of knocking a whole lot more off of things.

In fact, there really shouldn’t be a huge push to oppose at least some of it since it also includes gun safes.

But the question is whether a gun purchase tax holiday will actually happen or not, and I’m skeptical.

While 21 state senators support this, it would still have to go through the House. In the past, while Georgia has a pro-gun record, there have been some in leadership that have opposed any actual pro-gun effort, and this is definitely pro-gun.


So, as a Georgian, I’m not getting too excited at the possibility.

However, I’d love to see it happen.

In fact, I say couple this tax holiday with a tax credit for the purchase of a gun safe and watch people win all around.

Sure, gun purchases aren’t likely to see any such rebate, but it’ll still be a win for a whole lot of people.

And let’s be real here, it’s not likely to deprive the state of all that much tax revenue, anyway. Sales tax isn’t exactly the only tax we get saddled with here as we’ve also got a state income tax, so the actual percentage of revenue lost would be miniscule.

Plus, people are generally going to buy guns all year. A tax holiday, however, may well help some of those who are most vulnerable to violent crime. Those are people who are probably going to be scrimping and saving for their gun purchases, so eliminating the tax for a few days would likely give them an opportunity they might otherwise feel doesn’t exist.

I sincerely hope my pessimism is misplaced and that we’ll see Georgia pass this.

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