Student's Arrest Raises Serious Questions About Gun Control

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Illinois has some of the tougher gun control laws in the nation. They’re not quite up there with California or New Jersey, but they’re working on it.


And, of course, we have it on good authority that gun control works. It keeps firearms out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them, so Illinois shouldn’t have a massive problem.

Oh, people reportedly smuggle guns in from out of state, but with the demand for illegal guns in Chicago, a city like Joliet should be perfectly safe from such thing.

I mean, it’s not a tiny town, but it’s a fraction of the size of the Windy City.

And yet, kids can get guns there, apparently.

A 15-year-old student at Joliet West High School was accused of posting a photo depicting two guns on a Snapchat group chat, and police later found two loaded guns in the student’s bedroom.

The Snapchat incident was interpreted as a possible threat, and it led to an increased police presence during the early morning hours of Wednesday at the high school.

Police investigated the incident and discovered a photo depicting two handguns posted in the Snapchat group chat typically used for students who are freshman students, said Joliet police Sgt. Dwayne English.


“Following a search of the student’s bedroom, detectives recovered two loaded handguns. The serial numbers on the handguns appeared to be defaced,” English said.


This, of course, raises serious questions about gun control

For example, if it works, then how was a 15-year-old able to get his hands on not just one handgun illegally, but two?

And since the serial number is defaced, will these show up in statistics as “ghost guns” since they cannot be traced?

Let’s keep in mind that 15-year-olds aren’t going to obtain a FOID card. They can’t get a firearm lawfully except through their parents. It sounds like this young individual didn’t get his from Mom and/or Dad.

No, we know he got them illegally, which we’re told doesn’t happen with gun control. We’re told that this shouldn’t be a thing at all, and yet, here we are. Gun control is supposed to, at a minimum, keep high school kids from getting guns.

But it doesn’t.

The problem is that all of Illinois’ gun control efforts do little to impact the illegal trade of guns or even gun theft. We don’t know which route this kid undertook in getting two handguns, but we know he used one of them.

Meanwhile, law-abiding people in Illinois have to jump through numerous hoops just to get the FOID, all so they can buy a firearm lawfully. This kid didn’t wait. Neither did thousands of other criminals in the state. They’re not bothered by changes in gun laws. They don’t even notice changes in gun laws.


But the law-abiding citizens do.

That’s the problem with anti-gun laws. There’s a reason that many law-abiding gun owners think there’s a nefarious purpose behind such laws, that they’re about controlling us rather than the criminals. After all, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the definition of insanity and that’s all that happens with gun control.

So either they’re insane or there’s another purpose in mind.

Granted, looking at the latest data, if that’s their design, it ain’t working either.

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