California's Gun-Buying Surge a Rational Response to Biden's Immigration Policy

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In theory, we shouldn't ever have to talk about illegal immigration here at Bearing Arms. We're a Second Amendment site, not and immigration policy site.

Unfortunately, all too often, the two things cross paths, so we don't have much of a choice.


And immigration is a real issue, especially as tens of thousands of illegals cross the border each day, many of which aren't exactly fine, upstanding citizens in the making. I know this and you know this.

I'm pretty sure the Biden administration knows this, too. The difference is that they don't seem to be the least bit alarmed by it.

They should be, though, because the administration's anti-gun stance means they should at least be worried about the second-order effects of rampant illegal immigration; second-order effects like gun purchases in California.

Residents of a California town near the Mexican border are buying guns for self-defense amid the surge of illegal immigrants released into the community, according to a new report.

Firearms Unlimited California, a gun shop in El Cajon, has reported a spike in gun sales amid the concerns about illegal immigration, the New York Post reports.

“I don’t think it’s just the people that are coming over to try to find work. I think we have a lot of hostile people that are coming over with ill will, ill intent that will potentially cause chaos,”  said Keith Carnevale, who was shopping for guns for his entire family.

Now, Cam talked about this one on Monday, but one thing to remember is that wasn't the only gun shop in the region reporting an uptick in firearm sales.

It's not unexpected, either. If people are concerned about their safety, they get guns. Because of Bruen, they also know they can't be turned down for a concealed carry permit for not having a good enough reason to carry. It means people are willing to be proactive about their safety because they can be proactive about their safety.


And anti-gun lawmakers--the same people who typically seem to want to facilitate illegal immigration, it should be noted--need to understand that this influx of potentially dangerous people is going to prompt many to buy guns they might otherwise have had no interest in obtaining.

"But most of them are just looking for a better life!"

Even if we accept that to be absolutely true, which I don't necessarily accept, when you have thousands crossing the border each day, a lot of bad apples are going to be among them.

According to the House Committee on Homeland Security, the Border Patrol arrested over 35,000 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions were caught at the border. Nearly 600 of those were known gang members, 178 of which were MS-13. There were nearly another 180 people caught whose names are on the terrorist watch list.

Now, are you going to tell me we caught all the bad apples? Can you honestly tell me that we filtered out the worst of the worst?

These are the people the Border Patrol caught. It's not the totality of people who crossed, which means there are a lot of really dangerous people walking around the United States at the moment.

Because of that, I have no doubt that a lot of people are buying guns. This is a perfectly rational response to the influx of dangerous people. After all, it's not like we don't already have enough violent people here already, now we're importing them from other countries.


Even the job of being a violent thug is threatened by illegal immigration.

What's more, while this piece focuses on California, you'd better believe that other places are likely seeing a lot of new gun buyers for the exact same reason. When people get scared, they get armed. This is a rational, normal response.

Where this is going to blow up in anti-gun lawmakers' faces is that gun owners tend to become gun voters. They're pushing more and more people to support gun rights by ignoring border security.

What we need to remember is that this administration is simply pro-bad guy. They don't want you defending yourself, don't want the police to do their jobs, and don't want to keep the borders secure.

When you remember that, all of this starts to make sense.

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