Fast and Furious Whistleblower No Fan Of Biden's 'Ghost Gun' Executive Order

AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File

President Joe Biden is never going to be someone who you can trust with your gun rights. When he's not giving out terrible advice on the use of force like shooting through the door, he's spent years trying to restrict your right to keep and bear arms.


As president, he's done more to restrict that right than any other in recent memory.

One such effort was his use of executive orders to try and restrict homemade firearms, often termed "ghost guns."

The EO went over like a pay toilet on a diarrhea ward with gun rights supporters for obvious reasons. Yet we weren't the only ones who had an issue with it.

In a wide-ranging interview with The U.S. Sun, former federal agent Peter Forcelli, who was a whistleblower in Barack Obama's botched attempt to stop firearms falling into the hands of Mexican cartels, thinks Biden is barking up the wrong tree.


Forcelli, a 9/11 survivor and former ATF deputy assistant director, is adamant going after ghost guns is a waste of time.

He feels sympathy for families who have been affected - a 12-year-old in San Diego was killed in 2021 after shooting himself with one at a sleepover is one of the most harrowing of examples - but, Forcelli stresses the problems are far deeper than just trying halt sales.

“Everything that they're doing seems to be attacking the gun industry and legitimate gun owners and distracting them from the mission that I believe in, which was to go after the people who were using guns to rob others, to hurt others, to do home invasions,” he told The U.S. Sun.


He believes demonizing the gun is wrong and that if a "legitimate law abiding citizen has a gun, it's a very different thing than somebody who's involved in criminal activity having a gun."

"The Biden administration have taken this zero tolerance stance with the gun industry where like licensed dealers selling guns into legitimate commerce, making honest mistakes on a form, putting them out of business," he said.

"With 3D printing, people are just going to keep making them. You want to go after the problem, but I think they're misidentifying the problem. The problem is the people, not the item."


Of course, Forcelli is completely correct here.

Look, I'm going to be straight with you. I don't actually care that criminals have guns. What I care about is what they do with them, which is to do things like rob and kill people. The presence or absence of a gun is secondary to the fact that they seek to hurt people.

And with modern technology being what it is, the chances of gun control actually preventing anyone from having a firearm is even less than it was before, which wasn't exactly great.

By focusing on so-called ghost guns, the Biden administration and gun control advocates as a whole are missing the boat. They're looking at the wrong thing if the goal is actually to address crime.

Years ago, switchblades were banned in many places because criminals often used them for their illegal acts. Did crime disappear? No, they didn't. In fact, crime continued on, rising and falling based on factors far beyond what weapons were legal and which weren't.

And making a switchblade isn't a trivial thing. There's no technology that allows someone to basically create a functional weapon in their own home with minimal training.

So yeah, Biden is barking up the wrong tree if the goal is crime reduction.

But we also need to remember that the Biden administration isn't just concerned about crime. They're concerned about you and me. We are the threats in their mind and even if we haven't intentionally broken a law more serious than a speed limit, they're convinced it's only a matter of time before we do.


They know they can only push people so far before they get angry enough to act, so they're stripping people of the means to act effectively before they can cross the Rubicon.

So, they're trying to make sure the infrastructure is in place to dismantle our rights. Plain and simple.

The question is, will we let them?

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