Gun Sales Up For Third Straight Month. Is This a New Trend?

The number of NICS checks in October was about 10% higher than in 2018, marking the third straight month of improvement over last year’s numbers. Steven Gutowski of the Washington Free Beacon joins me on today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co. to crunch the numbers and discuss what’s driving the recent increase, as well as why it’s not likely to die down anytime soon.
We also get into the aftermath of the Virginia elections and what Democrats are likely to pursue with their new anti-gun legislative majority in Richmond. Stephen’s a bit more optimistic than I am that the narrow majority in Senate may cause legislators to be cautious about going too far on gun control, but check out the entire conversation, because he has some excellent insight about what went wrong on Election Day for gun owners in the state.
Stephen is also taking part in a celebrity auction to raise money for the charity Homes For Our Troops. You can win a personal NRA basic pistol course taught by Stephen himself, with all of the proceeds benefiting our veterans. Check out the auction here, but do it quickly, because bidding ends this Sunday.
Also on today’s program we have the absolutely atrocious murder of an 82-year old man and the shooting of his 73-year old wife by a 16-year old who wanted to steal their car so he could visit his girlfriend in college 90 miles away. This happened not too far from where I live in Farmville, Virginia, and it’s got many folks around here ticked off that the 16-year old suspect was on probation for previous crimes, but apparently managed to illicitly acquire a sawed-off shotgun and murder an octogenarian in cold blood. His father, meanwhile, said his son had been acting “off” for several weeks, and despite reaching out to his son’s probation officer in hopes of getting his son placed in a mental health facility, the state of Virginia did nothing. Virginia’s new lawmakers think that the way to prevent this type of crime is to make it harder for the 82-year old and his wife to legally own a gun for self-defense. They won’t pay much attention to the failures of the criminal justice system (and perhaps the state’s mental health as well) that enabled this young man to allegedly commit such a heinous crime.
We also have an armed citizen story from Louisiana and a couple of law enforcement officers able to do a live-saving good deed in Detroit for you to check out, as well as a few thoughts on the response to the shooting in Santa Clarita, California yesterday (much more on that coming up on Monday’s show).
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