[VIDEO] The National Rifle Association Says Our Time is Now

NRA Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre applauds the NRA members and gun owners who achieved a historic accomplishment on Election Day 2016.


The determination to defend individual freedom put a Second Amendment supporter in the White House and ensured the future nomination of constitutionally sound justices. The NRA chief cautions though about the threats that still loom, including hundreds of Obama-appointed anti-gun judges and a growing group of anti-Second Amendment elitist billionaires. He notes that they’ll continue to enjoy the support of an openly dishonest media that despises our rights. LaPierre also calls for the passage of national right-to-carry reciprocity and an end to gun-free zones.

Our time is now, he says, and the coming fights must be met with the same urgency and determined action that sent Hillary Clinton on a permanent political vacation.

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