Duck Dynasty Stars Relate Their Home Invasion Story

(AP Photo/Terry Renna, File)

One of the scenarios that gets more people to buy guns than any other isn’t a mass shooting but the thought of a home invasion. Mass shootings are black swan events, statically rare even if they feel like they happen all the time. Home invasions, though, are far more common, and if they can happen to a celebrity like Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, they can probably happen to anyone.

While Robertson isn’t exactly hurting for money, he’s not living in a gated community nor does he have all kinds of private security. While he’s famous, his lifestyle is far closer to that of the average person than, say, Madonna.

Now, the Duck Dynasty star is recounting an attempted invasion at his home and, perhaps more importantly, how that impacts gun rights.

Duck Dynasty” stars Willie and Korie Robertson are opening up about a scary time in their lives and sharing their thoughts on gun control.

In an exclusive clip of next week’s “At Home With the Robertsons” Facebook Watch episode, Korie revealed that someone tried to break into the couple’s home earlier this year.

“A lot of people, they can say they’re against them until something happens and then like, ‘Oh where’s the person with the gun?’ Or ‘I wish I had a gun,'” Korie stated in a preview of Monday’s episode, “Does Gun Control Really Work?”

Korie added, “I know it happened this year to us like someone tried to break into our home and I was very glad Willie had a gun hidden somewhere and I got it out and I was sitting on my bed ready.”

Korie noted that while the police did come quickly and she didn’t have to use it, she was glad she had it.

That makes perfect sense to me.

Over and over again, we find celebrities griping about how folks like you and I can own firearms. They campaign to make it impossible for us to have them. Meanwhile, they’re routinely guarded by private security, a luxury you or I don’t actually get.

I’m sure they’d argue that because of their fame, they’re more likely to be targeted by people like deranged fans, etc, and that may be true. However, we’re more likely to be the victim of violent crime. We all know that 2020 saw a massive spike in homicides. Question: Just how many celebrities were killed? Zero.

The Robertsons live a lifestyle not completely dissimilar to what you or I enjoy. Sure, they’ve got deeper pockets and probably a nicer home than many of us, but not all that different overall. For Korie Robertson to sit there with a firearm as she waited for police to arrive, well, that’s not too different from what we’d prefer our spouses or kids to be doing should someone try to break in.

Yet anti-gunners would deprive us of that. They routinely just tell people to call the police and otherwise would have us powerless. They want our guns and our ability to defend ourselves.

If they had their way, all Korie Robertson would have been able to do is sit there and cower in fear, rather than being proactive.

It’s funny, they object to open carry because it makes them scared, but they think nothing at all of compounding the fear of people who are actually in a life-threatening situation like the Robertsons talked about. It’s only their irrational fear that matters, not a completely rational fear based on a mountain of facts.

I’m glad Korie Robertson never needed to pull the trigger. Taking a human life is an event which can scar the human psyche.

I’m also glad she had the option to be armed because a scarred psyche is preferable to whatever horrors may have occurred had she not been armed.