Pennsylvania do-nothing march calls for end to gun violence

Pennsylvania do-nothing march calls for end to gun violence
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So-called gun violence is a legitimate problem. People are being killed in job lots in most of our major cities, and it’s not a good thing at all.

As such, it’s unsurprising that so many people are looking to do something to address the problem.


Unfortunately, too many are more interested in virtue signaling than in actually doing anything productive.

Last weekend, the CBS 21 news team covered a stunning tribute to those who lost their lives to gun violence.

Dozens of attendees started at the Kingdom Embassy Church and marched to the Beth El Temple where the memorial is.

“We don’t want your name on your shirt,” said senior pastor Jeffrey Snead from Kingdom Embassy Church. “We want you to wear your shirt.”

The marchers say they are a part of the Heading Gods Call to End Gun Violence Group because of how their lives have been touched by gun violence.

“One of our members Eric Banks is leading the march today,” Pastor Snead said. “He suffered gun violence at a very young age, so it’s a passion because of his passion for it.”

If they’ve been touched by “gun violence”–which no one has explained to me is somehow worse than any other flavor of violence–then they should know just how ugly it can be. I understand that reality all too well myself.

Yet something else I know is that marches and protests don’t change the violent criminals.

There’s never been a single case anywhere of a violent criminal seeing such a march and thinking, “Oh, wait! You mean people don’t actually like me shooting and killing people? My bad!”

It just doesn’t happen.

What these marches actually do is allow those taking part to feel like they’re part of the solution without them having to do much of anything else. Imagine if they took that energy and did what a group in Kansas City did. They went door-to-door asking for people to step forward as witnesses.


They didn’t just walk down the street, make a few slogans, then call it a day.

No, they rolled up their sleeves to actually get something done. They used grassroots methods to try and get people to come forward so those who commit “gun violence” will end up being locked up for it.

That’s productive.

Instead, they just walk and talk and pretend they’re doing something. They’re not.

Look, if it makes them feel better, then fine. Yet I’m not going to feed into their delusion that they’re actually working to reduce violence on their city’s streets. I’m not interested in making them feel good about lying to themselves about what they’re accomplishing.

The criminals in Harrisburg aren’t exactly tripping over themselves to change their ways because some people went for a walk and said some things.

They’re going to keep on shooting and robbing and killing because there’s no real reason for them to stop. Especially since at least some of those marchers aren’t going to come to the police when it’s their son or brother who is accused.

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