Chinese media touting smart guns for Americans

AP Photo/Lisa Marie Pane

I’m more than a little uncomfortable with the Chinese media.

In particular, I’m uncomfortable with their state-run media and its bizarre fascination with American gun control laws. I’ve outlined a number of examples in the past.


Yet, as noted, they provide a number of items that are meant for skirting American gun laws.

Now, though, Chinese media seems to be singing the praises of smart guns.

CTGN is a state-run Chinese media company, yet another example of how Chinese news media continues to try and get involved in the American gun debate.

And it bothers me how little anyone is bothering to question this.

As for this particular piece, what I’d expect China to understand is the technology involved. In particular, how it’s not ready. It’s not even close to being ready and it won’t be ready for years to come. That’s assuming it’s ever ready.

You see, these products–despite what the piece may suggest–aren’t built by the firearm industry. These are technology companies that are simply trying to add existing tech to guns. Well, that’s a big problem because if your phone doesn’t unlock, it’s an inconvenience. If your gun won’t unlock, it’s fatal.

Then there’s the fact that while semi-automatic firearms use century-old technology, these companies are generally unfamiliar with it. As a result, they kind of suck as guns.

Again, you’d think that the Chinese media–the media owned by the Chinese government and their intelligence apparatus–would be familiar with the fact that this is all marketing and has nothing to do with how useful these guns actually are.

Or, you know, they actually do know and that’s part of the perverse pleasure they’re getting out of this.


I mean, there’s a reason that the Chinese media gets so involved in American politics, or at least tries to. It’s not about informing the public about anything, either. After all, China is known for crashing down on dissent in their own media, so it’s not like they’re motivated by the truth.

My guess is that they want instability and are hoping that they can help spark a civil war or something like that. Such an event would weaken American power abroad and allow China to step into the void, taking over as the world’s only superpower.

It could be something else, but between full-auto switches and “solvent traps,” it seems clear to me that China doesn’t actually care about the safety of the American people and sees gun control as the way forward. They want something out of this and we need to start getting some answers as to just what that might be.

Whatever it is, if China wants us to buy smart guns, then that’s a pretty good reason to ask questions as to why they’d want that either.

Just don’t expect the mainstream media to ask them. Why ask questions about people who are saying the exact same thing as you? If you did, you might learn something about the topic that would be most uncomfortable.

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