Highland Park mayor pushes for federal assault weapon ban

Highland Park mayor pushes for federal assault weapon ban
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The city of Highland Park is still reeling from the July 4th parade shooting that happened there earlier this year. It’s unsurprising that folks there, particularly the mayor, have opinions about things.


The mayor, for example, thinks we need a federal assault weapon ban.

“Let’s call these mass shootings for what they are: They’re terrorism,” [Highland Park Mayor Nancy] Rotering said Tuesday as she urged DuPage County Board members to formally support stricter gun laws.

The massacre has put Rotering at the forefront of gun control advocacy in Illinois. She has testified in Congress and met with local lawmakers to build momentum for a state and a federal ban on assault-style weapons like the one used in the Highland Park rampage.

“Our joy was shattered pretty quickly by one young man shooting 83 rounds in under a minute from a legally obtained weapon designed to devastate as many human bodies as quickly as possible,” Rotering said.

Except, Highland Park already had an assault weapon ban on the books. It didn’t do a damn thing to stop this shooting from happening. Further, there were warning signs and a history of violence surrounding the shooter, yet he was still able to walk into a gun store and pass the background check despite numerous issues.


Illinois and all their gun control failed, including Highland Park’s assault weapon ban.

Despite that failure, though, Rotering wants to push it down the throats of the rest of the nation, as if this little turdnugget maniac wouldn’t have shattered just as many lives with literally any other weapon.

And that’s what we’re talking about here. Rotering is wanting to remove one potential weapon from the pool here but based on what we know of the shooting, it’s entirely likely he could have done just as much damage, if not more, with a different kind of firearm.

That doesn’t matter, though.

You see, Rotering is part of the anti-gun cult that worships at the feet of gun control. They will always blame the gun and not all the ways the systems already in place failed; as if just one more law will make everything click and work perfectly.

Meanwhile, instead of fixing the systems in place or looking at how they could have failed so spectacularly in the first place, they push for new gun control laws because it’s a tenet of their faith.

Yes, that probably comes off a bit insensitive or something, but I honestly don’t care. Rotering is holding up the wounded and slain in an effort to exact emotional blackmail on the American people simply because we won’t do what she wants us to do.


Sorry, but that’s not how it works.

If Rotering were serious about saving lives, I would suggest she start looking at things that can be done to stop these attacks from even being considered. This killer was a disturbed individual who clearly needed help. Take away the gun and he could have just driven a van through the crowd and killed even more people, for crying out loud.

Focusing on the gun doesn’t remove the real threat. That threat is the maniac who wants to kill the innocent. Until we remove that, no gun control law would ever be enough. If we remove it, though, no gun control law could be justified.

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