Six killed in kindergarten stabbing rampage in China

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I’ve taken issue with China insinuating itself into American politics via state-run media outlets. I don’t like it for a lot of reasons.

What I really dislike is the fact that the communist nation pretends to be morally superior to the United States because we have the odd mass shooting and they have literal concentration camps.


Mass shootings aren’t good at all, mind you, but the issue is people, not guns.

Chinese media seems to disagree. They should rethink that position after six kindergarteners were stabbed to death there.

Six people were killed in a knife attack at a preschool in China’s southern Guangdong Province on Monday.

The attack occurred around 7:40 a.m., according to a statement from the local police in Lianjiang, a city of less than 2 million about 300 miles west of Shenzhen. A 25-year-old local man surnamed Wu was arrested. No potential motive was given.

A statement from the police did not give information about the victims, but state media reports said that residents had seen one child and two adults lying on the ground near the preschool’s entrance. In addition to the six dead, one person was injured.

Knife attacks are not uncommon in China, where guns are tightly controlled and shootings exceedingly rare. And many stabbing rampages have targeted schools. Last August, an assailant killed three people and wounded six others at a kindergarten in Jiangxi Province in China’s southeast. In 2021, two people died and 16 were injured in an attack at a kindergarten in the southwestern region of Guangxi.

Why, it’s almost like you can tighten gun control laws and still have mass murder.

Who would have thought?

Look, my heart sincerely goes out to the families of the victims as well as all the kids and staff who will have to live with the trauma of what just transpired. It’s no different than those who have lost loved ones to mass shootings here in the US.


It’s never mattered whether someone was murdered with a gun or a knife, only that they were murdered.

“But if the bad guy had used a gun, the death toll would have been so much higher,” some anti-gunner might say, mostly because they have in the past.

The problem is that they can’t definitively say that. We’ve seen mass shootings using AR-15s and fairly packed crowds with lower death tolls than this knife attack in China.

It’s about people. It’s always been about people, be they in China, the US, Serbia, Russia, the UK, or any of a hundred other places where we’ve seen mass murder take place.

The Chinese government and their state-run mouthpieces like to pretend we’re not doing enough here in the US, but they’re not really doing anything at all, either, except talking a big game while really trying to disarm the populace of a rival nation that they may well end up at war with someday.

I can’t imagine why they’d be so interested in us falling victim to the gun control schemes they have and are doing absolutely nothing to prevent mass murder in China.

It’s a mystery.

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